The career development process includes learning about yourself, your occupational options, making informed decisions, setting goals, gaining experiences, and having a holistic vision for your life.  

The Career and Professional Development Center is able to assist you with a variety of questions and challenges you may experience as you maneuver your way along the path to occupational success. We can also assist you in navigating transitions as you make and re-make career choices throughout your life. To learn more about the specific services we offer, visit the About Us page.  

If you have a specific question feel free to contact us at 484-323-3505 or you can utilize the Quick Links below:

  • Career Exploration & Transition – Resources to assist you with all the facets relating to deciding on careers and successfully navigating transitions.
  • Interviewing Preparation - Practice makes perfect.  Don’t be caught off guard during your interview. Utilize these interviewing preparation resources to be better prepared.
  • Job Search - Resources to assist you with conducting a more effective and efficient job search process.College Central Network
  • College Central Network - Register with CCN to search for potential employment opportunities and to post your resume for review by prospective employers.
  • Networking - More than 80% of jobs and opportunities are found through the power of networking. Find resources and guidance on how to effectively build relationships that may help you find opportunities in the future.
  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing  - Resources to assist you with writing your industry-specific resume and cover letter.

Get Involved and Stay Connected:

  • IU Externship (Job Shadowing) - Learn more about Immaculata University’s job shadowing program and how you could become a sponsor, allowing undergraduate students to observe you in your job.