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Engagement in research is a requirement for students in our biology bachelor’s degree programs. You’ll gain experience as you develop a hypothesis, create a plan to test it, troubleshoot, and draw conclusions from the results.

Research opportunities include summer internships on or off campus, faculty-directed research, or independent study during the academic year. Internship information is kept on file and emailed to students as opportunities arise, and the Office of Career and Professional Development can also assist you with finding internships.

In a capstone seminar, you will give written and oral presentations of your research results. Our students have also presented research off campus at several symposiums for undergraduate research.

Recent Student Research

Roy Ferrell ’17, Color Perception in Turtles (Research at Immaculata University)

David VanArsdale ’17, The Effects of Hydroclorothiazide on Embryonic Development in Xenopus. (Research at Immaculata University)

Mary Ellen Grap ‘18, The Effects of Fracking on Well Water (Research at Immaculata University)

Melissa Koff ’18 and Bernadine Monari ’18, An Investigation Concerning the Bacteria on the Paws of Small Animals (Research at Immaculata University)

Robert Yetter ’18, E. coli Mutations Across an Increasing Concentration Gradient of Ampicillin (Research at Immaculata University)

Morgan McDonough ’19 and Veronica Siko ’18, SEPCHE Virus Discovery Course (Summer research at Chestnut Hill College and then continued throughout the school year at Immaculata University)

Olivia Mancini ’20, Neofunction of Candida glabrata PMU gene family (Research at Immaculata University)

Dylan Chudoff ’17, Isolation of a Novel Arthobacter sp. Phage with a Robust New Method. (Research at Cabrini College and Immaculata University)

Pamela Myers ’16, Zefanne Bergado ’15 and Ashley Gonzalez ’17, Neofunctionalization of Candida glabrata PMU3 as a thiamine phosphatase. (Research at Immaculata University)

Danielle Lopez and Rebecca Oulton ’15, DNA barcoding of Diptera Nematocera. (Research at Immaculata University)

Kate Crossman and Meagan Fitzgerald ’14, Neofunctionalization of the Family of PMU Genes in Candida glabrata. (Research at Immaculata University)


"As a biology major, I learned in the lab how to work in partnerships that best balanced strengths and weaknesses in order to reach success. I now utilize all of these skills in the work that I do each day."

—Rebecca Oulton '15, Educator at Elmwood Park Zoo

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