Helpful Math Websites

  • The Purplemath Forums - “Practical Algebra Lessons” including common mistakes. There are even lessons on specific types of word problems.
  • AlgebraLAB Lessons - Interactive lessons on a wide range of algebra topics.
  • Math Goodies - Interactive lessons on basic math topics including pre-algebra, statistics, probability, and geometry.
  • Math League - Short lessons, illustrated with many examples, on basic math and pre-algebra concepts.
  • Shodor Interactivate Activities - Interactive programs and games that illustrate mathematics concepts.
  • - Lessons on algebra topics. It also provides the ability to solve certain types of problems, and it has a series of interactive worksheets to test your skills.
  • Cheat sheets and tables - "Cheat sheets” of formulas and common mistakes for a range of math courses.
  • Visual Calculus - Tutorials and lots of drill problems on a broad range of pre-calculus and calculus topics.
  • Harvey Mudd College Math Tutorials - Tutorials illustrated by lots of examples on a broad range of pre-calculus and calculus topics.
  • Wolfram Mathematica - Integrator for solving integration problems.

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