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Who has to take the Math Competency Exam?

  • It is recommended that students enrolled in programs that do not require formal mathematical coursework complete the exam by the end of their sophomore year or within one year of entering the University as a transfer student.
  • If you do not successfully complete the exam, you will be required to take six credits of mathematics, usually Basic College Mathematics (Math 101-102).

How do I take the exam?

  • You register for the exam during usual course registration. Speak to your adviser to set this up.
  • You have one chance to take the exam, and you need 70% on the exam to pass.
  • The exam is multiple-choice and is administered on the computer. Calculators are not allowed.

What is covered on the exam?

  • Material on the exam is similar to the material in Basic College Mathematics (Math 101-102).
  • The topics that are covered are essential to participation in day-to-day life. The topics include: arithmetic, fractions, basic geometry and graphing, basic algebra, exponents, basic statistics and probability, estimation, and consumer mathematics.

How do you prepare for the exam?

  • Take our Math Competency Assessment to determine what areas you need to study.
  • Once you know what areas you need to study, you can use the Math Center’s resources to help you study. Use the review topic handouts to study your target areas. The handouts that you might find helpful are: arithmetic, fractions, geometry, equations of lines, solving linear equations, word problems, probability, and consumer mathematics.
  • Use the textbooks in the Math Center to find problems, look up definitions, or get explanations of topics.
  • Use the list of math websites.

Need more help?

  • Sign up for a tutoring appointment, and we can help you get started.
  • Be sure to bring your completed Math Competency Assessment with you when you come to your appointment.

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