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The students received $1,825 each toward their
educational expenses for the spring 2014 semester.
The scholarship is awarded to one or more incom-
ing Business or Accounting majors with a GPA of
3.0 or higher.
With Business Management as her major,
DeCarolis emphasizes keeping the humanity in
business. Her work experiences have led her to
an awareness and understanding of the consumer
side of business, and she anticipates possible
opportunities in the area of marketing.
As a Business Management major, Sturdivant
expresses a sincere passion for helping other people
grow and prosper. He is actively engaged in volun-
teering, maintains a sound focus on his academics,
and vividly articulates the valuable leadership
concepts he has learned from his experiences in
sports. “Being selected for the scholarship was an
excellent honor,” commented Sturdivant. “It’s al-
ways exciting to be honored by others for hard work.”
The Business Advisory Board, consisting of
business leaders from the region, is funding this
scholarship for the first time this year. Several
advisory board members were chosen to serve on
the selection committee along with administrators
from Immaculata University.
Receive Scholarships from
IU Business Advisory Board
Ice Skating on Campus
Who says you need ice to ice skate? It
certainly wouldn’t be anyone from Immacu-
lata. To help the students embrace winter and
have a fun, safe Saturday night, officials from
Student Development and Engagement hosted
a unique event in late November—an ice skat-
ing rink set up on campus for the students to
enjoy. With a little help from an iceless skating
rink with a substance that appears to be ice
and a snow-making machine to produce a bit
of a winter wonderland, Immaculata students
glided across the ice like real pros—well, sort of.
Kaitlyn Conlin ’15 slipped a few times
getting used to the surface, although she defi-
nitely enjoyed the experience. “It was
awesome to have the ice skating rink,” she
said. “It was one of the most unique events on
To add to the festivities, popular Phila-
delphia food vendor Lil’ Dan’s provided great
food and hot chocolate for the skaters.
Aphten Milburn-Dobson ’14 attends as
many campus events as she can and hopes ice
skating becomes an annual event. “Students
enjoy having a fun, safe place to spend an
evening with friends,” she said.
The Business and Accounting Department’s
vision is to develop value-based, service-
oriented business leaders for the global
community, and Immaculata’s Business
Advisory Board has selected two students for
its inaugural scholarship who exemplify this
vision: freshmen
Anne Marie DeCarolis
Michael L. Sturdivant, Jr.
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