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Elizabeth Cook Griggers ’04,
son Henry Isaac Griggers
born October 18, 2013.
Susan Blackburn Gregory ’05, ’11
son Robby Gregory
born February 2, 2014.
Gwen Menton Cantarera ’07,
son James Robert Cantarera
born February 10, 2014.
MacKenzie Gray Chaney-
Miadzinian ’07
Ted Chaney-
Miadzinian ’10,
son Lukas
Eames Chaney-Miadzinian
born March 12, 2014.
Mary Woods Strobel ’09
daughter Vivian Esther Strobel
born March 24, 2014.
Francine Silvoy ’01, ’04 M.A.
married Bradley James
Galuska on December 7, 2013.
Kristi M. Varillo ’02
married Anthony G.
Lelionis II on January 4, 2014.
Kelly Dickinson ’06
married Kyle
Altendorf on October 11, 2013.
Lauren Dazio ’10
McCann ’13
on June 29, 2013.
Ashley McMullen ’10
married Peter Solecki
on June 28, 2014.
Katie Klimkos ’10
married Justin Stryker
on May 10, 2014.
Shantiana Duchatellier ’11
married Gabriel Hernandez
on February 28, 2014.
Stephen David Vujevich ’11
married Arevik Jade
Gevorgyan on July 12, 2014.
Sister Joanna Mary
Pepper, IHM ’34
Mary Jane Guerin Blash ’40
Dorothy Meehan Wackerman ’40
Alma Gruber Beaty ’42
Anna Jean (White) Luttrell ’43
Constance “Connie”
Reina Corrado ’44
Therese McShane ’45
Margaret “Peggy”
Brennan Enright ’46
Mary “Millie” Murray O’Hara ’49
Katherine McCann ’50
Lenore Eddinger Miller ’50
Florence “Fruff”
Fauerbach Timby ’50
Jane Keating Craig ’51
Jean Marie Connors
(Arseneault) Flynn ’53
Antoinette M. Schiavo,
Ph.D., Ed.D. ’56
Dorothy “Dot” Lehman Werner ’59
Gloria DiFonzo Roddy ’67
Bernadette Dooley ’69
Margaret Mary “Peg” Maginnis ’69
Mary “Lou” Murphy Haslam ’70
Marijane “Dugie” Doyle Weir ’81
Marcella Byrnes Maguire ’83
Marguerite M. Lewis ’85
Joan M. Van Blunk ’85
Daniel J. Stasek ’96
Virginia A. Love ’00
Kimberly “Kimi” Fox ’01
Maryanne Giovannozzi
Brinsfield ’07
Patricia “Patti” L. D’Antonio ’11
Robert V. “Bob” Gildea, brother
of Kathleen Gildea Kelley ’41 and
the late Marjorie Gildea Alford ’38
Thomas A. Daley, husband of
the late Anne O’Neill Daley
’44, father of Margaret Daley
La Rosa ’69, and step-father
of Patricia Daley Opila ’72
John W. Dolan, husband
of the late Eleanora Curren
Dolan ’46 and father of
Eileen Dolan Givler ’82
Katherine McCann ’50, sister of
Mary Ellen McCann ’47, Anne
McCann Peskin ’52, and the
late Margaret McCann ’48
Mary Frances “Missy” Healey
Hartdorn ’79, niece of the late
Anne Donahue King ’48
James “Jim”/“Gee” T. Connell,
Jr., husband of the late Therese
McCafferty Connell ’49 and
father of Therese M. Connell ’75,
Jeanne Connell Girard ’77, and
Kristen Connell Gindhart ’88
Lawrence V. Murphy, Sr., brother
of Gloria Murphy Schwartz ’50
Marijane “Dugie” Doyle
Weir ’81, sister of Rosemary
Doyle Johnson ’54
Thomas Simpson, husband of
Mary Frumento Simpson ’54
Robert T. Lynch, husband of
Eileen Cahill Lynch ’55
Irvonne Harris Moran ’57, sister
of Carolyn Harris Kilpatrick ’57
Frank A. Doocey, brother of
Elizabeth Jane Doocey ’58
Antoinette M. Schiavo,
Ph.D., Ed.D. ’56, sister of
Marjory T. Schiavo ’59
Walter P. Lomax Jr., M.D.,
husband of Beverly Hill Lomax ’60
Robert D. Levine, husband of
Anna (“Nan”) Pullan Levine ’61
James E. “Jim” Welch, husband
of Mary Newell Welch ’61
Michael E. Warner, husband
of Carolyn Lenz Warner ’62
Dr. James F. Burke, Jr., husband
of Diane Barrow Burke ’64
George I. Salerno, M.D., husband
of Ellen Abernathy Salerno ’65
Gertrude Stevenson Boyd
’42, mother of Mary Boyd
Palascak ’68 and Leslie Boyd
Karlsson ’72, and sister of
Mary Stevenson Waters ’43
Rose Cody, mother of Rosemary
Cody Loring ’72 and mother-in-
law of Cathy Logiurato Cody ’75
Paul W. Disciascio, husband of
Elizabeth Austin Disciascio ’74
Theresa R. Maloney, mother of
Deirdre Maloney Giordano ’74
and Tara Maloney Kingsbery ’77
Joan DiBenedetto Ward, sister
of Maria DiBenedetto ’75
Claire Marie Marra, mother
of Judy Marra Martelli ’75
Jane Keating Craig ’51, mother
of Sheila Craig Peregrin ’76
Dorothy Meehan Wackerman
’40, mother of Maria Wackerman
Durkin ’77 and sister of the late
Catherine Meehan Devlin ’45 and
Sister Marianne Meehan, IHM
John D. Burke, father of the late
Kathleen “Kathy” F. Burke ’79
Gary Hartdorn, husband of
the late Mary Frances “Missy”
Healey Hartdorn ’79
James J. Capaldi, husband of
Theresa Fink Capaldi ’81 and
father of Gabrielle M. Capaldi ’14
Mary Regina Middaugh,
mother of Marianne Martin
’88, and grandmother of Karen
Martin Zimmerman ’89 and
Jennifer Ann Martin ’94
Virginia “Ginny” Helmstetter,
mother of Lori Helmstetter
Voorhees ’88
Marcella Byrnes Maguire
’83, sister of Sheila
Byrnes Horning ’89
Mary B. Walker, mother of
Maria Walker Leach ’90
Elizabeth J. “Betty” Shannon,
mother of Elizabeth Shannon
Amabile ’91 and sister-in-law
of Barbara Crea Shannon ’70
John J. Donohue, son of
Eileen Donohue ’94
Shirley V. Lilley Burbidge,
mother of Bishop Michael
F. Burbidge ’99 Ed.D.
Theresa L. Compitello, mother of
Thomas Compitello ’03 Ed.D.
Christina F. Jacobs, mother
of Rose Marie Jacobs ’05,
and Mary Beth Jacobs ’05
Stephen K. Leibrand, father of
Danielle Leibrand Platt ’05
Maryanne Giovannozzi Brinsfield
’07, sister of Louise Conley ’08
Robert “Bob” W. Hill, father
of Brian Hill ’13 and the
late Branden Hill ’11
Florence T. Cellucci, grandmother
of Victoria Cellucci ’12
Frances Campbell Nardone,
mother of Martie C. Baggett ’13
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