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Dr. Theresa Karminski Burke,
is the founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, a
ministry dealing with post-abortion heal-
ing. She presented lectures in October
2014 at St. Vladimir’s Seminary in four
sessions: “The Need for Post-Abortion
Counseling,” “Pregnancy Loss and Sui-
cide,” “Crash Course in Trauma (PTSD),”
and “Brain Science: How Emotional
Trauma Impacts the Brain.”
Theresa Major Payton
was the
keynote speaker at the FICO World 2014
Conference in San Diego, CA, November
11-14, 2014. The conference was titled,
“The New Customer Imperative,” and
topics included debt management, cus-
tomer engagement, analytic technology,
and fraud management.
Dr. Jeanie Shane Subach,
completed her Ed.D. in educational lead-
ership and management from Capella
University. Her dissertation was on the
impact of nutrition education on adoles-
cents and young adults with intellectual
and developmental disabilities.
Celebrate your 25th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Kathy Freney Smith
writes, “Class
of 1990—can’t wait to catch up with
you all at our 25th Reunion in April.
Please join us!! We are so excited to get
together and catch up!!!”
Kristin Bussinger Kerchner
be installed as director of Christian
education and youth ministries at the
Reformation Lutheran Church in Exeter
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Colleen Conway Grogan,
the vice
president of non-fiction programming
with Lifetime Television, created a new
docu-drama called The Sisterhood, which
is a faith-based reality show. It first
aired at the end of November 2014.
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Mary Jo Hitz
writes, “I am a member
of the Lymphedema Treatment Act advo-
cacy group from Pennsylvania, working
for legislation to establish a benefits
category to cover custom prescribed
garments for lymphedema patients.
Medicare does not cover these garments
and many private insurers have followed
suit. Lymphedema is an incurable but
treatable disease. These garments are
crucial to maintain our limbs and health.
A three-day trip to D.C. in September was
successful in obtaining five Pennsylvania
representatives to co-sponsor the bill.
Looking to hear from any alum with
Celebrate your 20th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Heather Pecunas Smalley
“I just celebrated my 10th wedding
anniversary with my awesome husband,
Jason. I have two wonderful children:
Katie, 7, and Jake, 5.”
Adrienne Buck
writes, “I have accept-
ed the position of service coordinator at
Elwyn SEEDS. We provide early interven-
tion services to children ages 3-5 that
have been diagnosed with a disability.
It is my job to coordinate the Individual
Educational Plan (IEP) meetings for
the children and make the decisions on
which services they will receive.”
Celebrate your 15th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Connie Haske Garrison
“Since graduation, I’ve met and married
my amazing husband, Lance Garrison.
We currently have three children: Tristan,
age 8; Avelyn, age 5; and Lawson, age 3.
We live in Charlotte, NC, where Lance is
employed by the Air National Guard and I
am the director of community support for
an HOA management company.”
Dr. Sachi Pattinson Horback, M.A.,
has accepted a position as the new dean
of business and social sciences at Pierce
College in Washington.
Dr. Bernard J. Gilligan III
is a faculty
specialist in nursing at The University of
Scranton. He is also a nurse anesthetist
with Geisinger Health System.
Sister Jo-El McLaughlin, OSB,
who is currently in formation as a second
year scholastic in the Benedictine com-
munity of Bristow, VA, visited Emmanuel
Monastery in Lutherville, MD, where she
began to sense a variation on a theme
as the elements of the Benedictine Rule.
While at the monastery, Sister Jo-El
experienced a “new shift of conscious-
ness.” Then, she and other community
members traveled to Rock Island, IL to
experience the BSWR (the Benedictine
Spirituality Workshop and Retreat) in
preparation for Final Monastic Profes-
sion. Now, the Benedictine Communities
of Bristow, VA, Lutherville, MD, and
Ridgely, MD have formed a working
model of how three Benedictine commu-
nities could share their resources
Bernadette Andrews Humphrey ’84 (pictured in middle) spoke at a Biology Colloquium during the fall semester. She is pictured with
Carl Pratt, Ph.D., professor of Biology, and Jean Shingle, Ph.D., associate professor of Biology and chair of the Biology Department.
Bernadette is supervisor/lead assessor for the Hope Creek Nuclear Oversight.
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