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Celebrate your 80th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Mercita Loyola Brett Kane
present with family members on Septem-
ber 14, 2014 for the 100th anniversary
celebration of Villa Maria Hall.
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Celebrate your 75th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
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Celebrate your 70th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Celeste Fischer Kalina
“My children gave me a 90th birthday
celebration in October. I have three
Marg Kalina Blake
ated from Immaculata in 1970, Jan has
her Ph.D. from Michigan State, and Joe
is retired from a financial corporation. I
have three grandsons and granddaugh-
ters and a great-grandson. I am blessed!
Hello to you all!”
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Suzanne Quinn Gibson
shares, “Just
can’t forget my days at Immaculata! God
bless all.”
Celebrate your 65th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Peg Mullins Dickens
writes, “Dan and
I are now in a retirement home. Enjoying
the grandchildren growing up. Three are
out of college, three are in college—
three attending this year, and four to
Celebrate your 60th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Your class rep spent the summer mov-
Rho Melson McQuiston
left the
home that had been in her family for
65 years and moved to Hershey’s Mill, a
retirement community five miles away.
Instead of living a mile or so north of
Immaculata, she now lives a mile south
of the campus. Her family homestead
was the scene of a few reunion brunches
through the years, and she still promises
to host anyone willing to come out for our
60th reunion in 2016.
Celebrate your 55th Reunion,
April 24-26, 2015.
Marie Therese Reilly DeVries
enjoying her busy family of five adult
children, their spouses, and 16 grand-
Terry Thistle Willis
published her
first novel, Beyond Betrayal, in April. The
novel is a simple, straight-forward story
of love and betrayal and is available on
Bobbi Lynch Raymond
lost her be-
loved husband James on September 28,
2014 after a long battle with cancer. His
warmth, smile, and charm will be greatly
missed by his family and his Immaculata
friends and spouses. Bobbi and Jim cel-
ebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
on November 23, 2013. They have two
children and eight grandchildren.
Dr. Barbara Fahy
writes, “Although
formally retired from Albright College, I
have been back teaching part-time for
2014 and 2015 in the History Depart-
ment. As well, I am pursuing a dream of
being a docent at the Philadelphia Zoo
and will complete the training course by
April of 2015.”
Mary Anne Bensinger Gearing
writes, “Several members of the class of
1963 are celebrating their 50th wedding
anniversaries. Recently, Ib and
Juska Flora
took their family to Ire-
land.” Frank and
Mimi Draper Walsh’s
50th anniversary was in November,
and soon to be celebrating will be Joe
Mo Callaghan Bigham.
continues, “Congratulations to all. On a
sad note,
Toni Wright Moloughney’s
husband passed away; and because all
of us were not able to go to California
for the funeral, we were blessed in that
Toni was able to come back East so that
we could comfort her in the grieving
process. She is back at school with her
volunteering and helping students read
and she was also welcomed by her new
granddaughter, Kiera Wright Moloughney,
born on October 29. Notice that our mini
reunions are getting more frequent. Lots
of laughs. Who understands that we wore
skirts and our knee highs had to reach
the bottom of our skirts? By the way, I
found the compline prayer we had to say
before lights out freshman and sopho-
more years. Congratulations to our little
sisters, Class of 1965, who celebrate
their 50th this year.”
Louise Antonucci Pascale
“We send this donation in ‘thanks’ for
Sister Ann Thomas. She certainly has
made a difference in our lives. Thank
you, Sister Ann Thomas. God bless you.”
Kathleen Cox Richardson
has writ-
ten a memoir called Taking Life Back,
which is available in the Amazon Kindle
Book Store online. Against the backdrop
of the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s, through
dialogue, anecdotes and musings laced
with dark humor, Kathleen tells of daily
family life…the good times and bad.
Kathy Wurts
writes, “In April, I had
the opportunity to go to Italy for the
canonizations of the two popes. What a
wonderful experience! Very crowded but
still an extraordinary time. Then I trav-
eled to Saint Padre Pio’s home, the Abbey
of St. Benedict, up the Adriatic Coast
and over to Assisi and Siena. Fifty-one
years ago, I was in Rome with some
classmates and now I want to go back
just one more time!
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Diane Barrow Burke
shares, “The
[2014] Reunion was a nice chance to
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