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Sister Patricia will teach psycholo-
gy and religious studies to a class
of Sisters in Ghana using hybrid
online models for learning begin-
ning in the fall of 2014. HESA’s
goal is to provide access to higher
education resulting in a bach-
elor’s degree for Sisters in Ghana,
Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Southern
Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and
Zambia. Taking classes online
accommodates Sisters’ needs to
continue serving in their minis-
tries, and provides added benefits
that include learning computer
skills necessary to study online,
access to learning resources
in American institutions using
technology, expansion of Sisters’
global knowledge and competency
through interacting with American
instructors and students via a
virtual, spatial interface. Funded
through a grant by the Conrad
Hilton Foundation, the partner-
ship established between Chest-
nut Hill College and the Catholic
University College of Ghana
(CUCG) serving West Africa en-
ables the Sisters to transfer their
credits to this school of higher
education for their full degree.
Kathy Rafferty
writes, “A lot
has happened since 1977! My
classmates will remember my
Josephine Versace,
who died suddenly following our
junior year. Jo’s sister, Domenica,
went on to marry my brother,
Patrick, and they are parents
of five children. Both Jo and I
were daughters of Immaculata
Marie Patane Versace ’46,
Marion Truchsess Rafferty ’48.
I earned an M.A. in counseling
from Miami University in Ohio in
1982, and an MTS in Theology
from the Washington Theologi-
cal Union in 1998. I’ve worked
at the Environmental Protection
Agency in Washington, D.C. since
1987. My greatest joys are my
children, Matthew and Grace. As
a single mom, I adopted them
from Vietnam and Cambodia
when they were infants. They are
now 15 and 12. Parenting teenag-
ers at this stage of the game is
both fun and challenging! I’d love
to re-connect with fellow Im-
maculatans living in the northern
Virginia/Washington, D.C. area.”
After a successful 35-year career
in teaching,
Francine Colangelo
retired from the
Pennsauken Township Public
Schools as of July 1, 2014.
“Immaculata truly prepared me
for the challenges in the class-
room. I am so grateful to have
had the IHM Community and
professors behind me throughout
my years at IC. I carry them all
with me each day in my heart.”
Francine is looking forward to
the next chapter in her life,
beginning in September with
the marriage of her son Marc
Eisenmann to Stacy Bartoszek.
Kathy Fitzgerald Moser
chaired the
2014 Music Enrichment Day for
the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki
Association in April. Top clinicians
from around the country shared
their musical expertise with 113
local students. Kathy had chaired
this event for the first time last
year, serving 66 local students,
so the tremendous jump in
participation indicated the quality
of the program that was offered.
She was delighted to invite her
Immaculata roommate,
Maresca Kinney,
to teach a class
on Native American music. Kathy
is now planning an even larger
event for next year, to be held
at West Chester University. She
remains grateful to God for her
wonderful husband, Wayne, and
children, Kerry Anne and Sean.
Anne Dolan Eanes,
an English
teacher at St. Mark’s High School
in Wilmington, Delaware, received
the English-speaking Union
Teacher of English Award from
the American Shakespeare
Center (ASC). As part of the
award, she will be attending
ASC’s No Kidding Shakespeare
Camp for adults.
Nelcy Paz Valcourt
as six
children: Alexandra graduated
from Vanderbilt University with a
degree in computer engineering
and communications/economics;
Matthew is at Berklee College of
Music pursuing a double major
in electronic music production
with a business degree; Maya is a
junior at Episcopal High School in
Alexandria, VA; Monica graduated
from Massanutten Military
Academy as female battalion
commander and valedictorian.
She will attend MIT in Boston;
Arabella was accepted to the
Madeira School in McLean, VA;
and Chloe is learning from all
of her older siblings. She will
be going onto middle school
at Cooper in McLean, VA.
Michelle Oslar Davis
was named
executive director of Housing
Resources, Inc. and relocated
to Kalamazoo, MI in 2012.
Her husband, Tim, is currently
working in Afghanistan in sup-
port of the U.S. government,
and their son, Timothy, recently
celebrated his 4th birthday.
199 3
Deborah Hutter Goss, M.D.
thanked Immaculata University
and the Sisters, Servants of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary on
the first page of her recently
published book,
Catch Your Breath:
Getting Back to Better Breathing
now available on
Beth Hudson Baker
“My husband and I have
recently adopted three
girls: ages 3, 2, and 1.”
Jacqueline McKenna
now heads
the Pocopson Home, an elder
care facility in West Chester, PA.
Members of the Class of ’74 gathered at the Pocono home of Christa Adams.
L to R: Dr. Cathleen Love, Christa Meiswinkle Adams, Barbara Obremski
O’Hanlon, and Katherine Bolan Weed.
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