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“Love people like crazy” was the unofficial theme of
Immaculata’s 2014 Commencement ceremony. Immaculata’s
1,005 graduates were honored to have Mr. Ed Herr, president
of Herr Foods, as Commencement speaker and the recipient
of an honorary degree in Humane Letters.
It was Herr who instructed the graduates to love people
like crazy. He elaborated: “See the good, look past the
faults and weaknesses and believe in that person.” Herr told
the students that he assumed that some of their favorite
professors at Immaculata were the ones who came beside
them and believed in them even when they didn’t believe in
themselves. “Love people like crazy by believing in them,” he
told the crowd.
Accommodating over 3,800 people, the Commencement
tent spanned most of the Villa Maria Quadrangle. Many
families set up blankets and chairs to watch the ceremony
from the beautiful lawn surrounding the tent. Big screen TVs
provided close-up coverage of the action on the stage.
Barbara Gallagher, assistant professor of Human
Movement Science, was recognized by peers and students
with the 2014 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award.
Lindback Award recipients are nominated by the
University community and the final selection is determined
by the faculty. A $4,000 honorarium from the Lindback
Foundation is given to the recipient along with a
commemorative plaque.
2014 Commencement
Mr. Ed Herr, 2014 Commencement speaker, receives an honorary
degree in Humane Letters.
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