Immaculata Magazine Summer 2014 - page 57

often go to dinner at restaurants
in Philadelphia. I am also a sea-
son ticket holder for St. Joseph’s
and Temple basketball games and
also Philadelphia Union soccer.”
Mary Crowley McDonald, Ed.D.,
delivered the commencement
address for Holy Spirit Prep
School in Atlanta, GA. Mary, CEO
of M.C.D. Partners, is one of the
finalists for the
Memphis Business
annual Small Business
Awards Executive of the Year.
Anne McDonald DePrince
“I attended the Canonization of
Saint John XXIII and Saint John
Paul II along with 3 million of
my new best friends! My group
included Catholics from Knox-
ville, TN and Philadelphia, PA.
We had Cardinal Justin Rigali,
Bishop Michael Fitzgerald, and
Bishop Richard Stika, plus four
priests with us. Immaculata was
very well represented with
Alexa Eleanor Meany ’74,
serves with our own Sister Anne
Hannon), and
Mary O’Keefe Dooley
plus four other IU grads
besides myself. It was truly a
once in a lifetime experience! I
was interviewed by Channel 6 and
promoted IU, as I told them, ‘How
could one resist four popes for
the price of one!’ The Class of ’67
was remembered in my prayers.”
Dr. MaryAnn Genova Diorio
“My children’s picture book,
is Jesus?
, will be released late this
summer by TopNotch Press.
Several more children’s picture
books and chapter books are
in the works, including a series
called the
The series, targeted to 5- to
8-year-old children, features
Belinda Bumble, a delightful little
bumble bee who ‘bumbles’ her
way through the experiences of
learning how to develop the fruit
of the Holy Spirit in her life. To
receive more information on my
children’s books, please email me
Susan La Bella
shares, “Some
of my travel photography is now
on display at the new Gallery 72
in Mt. Holly, NJ. Some pieces
have been selected to be shown
in June as part of the furniture
showroom at the Annex of the
New York Design Center on
Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.
To see my work, go to
will also be adding to my port-
folio after a trip to Sicily and
Rome planned for fall.”
Alice Duff Foreman
writes, “Con-
gratulations to the Class of ’69
as we celebrate our 45th an-
niversary. I had the privilege of
being married at graduation and
expecting my first child. Denny
and I were married almost 34
years before his death in 2002.
We shared careers in education,
five children, and now 15 grand-
children. Life in Northfield, NJ
with its proximity to the Jersey
Shore has been blessed.”
Kathy Kroeger Anderson
husband Jerry reside in Fountain
Hills, AZ, which is a suburb of
Scottsdale and Phoenix. She
writes, “After over 36 years in ed-
ucation, teaching preschoolers to
college students, I retired on July
1, 2011. Jerry, my loving husband
of 43 years, retired from his job
as an energy consultant to a local
energy supplier the third and last
time at the end of February 2012.
In mid-May of 2012, we took off
in our 19-foot RV to tour British
Columbia, Canada, and Alaska.
Our first stop was at our daughter
Debbie’s house, which is outside
Victoria on Vancouver Island.
We met the family of Debbie’s
significant other, Andy, whom we
love dearly. Andy is from near
London, England, so his family
had a long way to travel. Andy
has his own plumbing business
and is quite successful. (We can
attest to this as he straightened
our garbage disposal and pipes
under our kitchen sink.) Debbie
is a biostatistician and is able
to work from home. She designs
drug studies, following them
from beginning to end. Our son
Eric, who now goes by his middle
name, Reid (he likes it better),
is an emergency room nurse. He
was residing in Lenexa, KS, with
his two children, Tanner, 17, and
Ali, 15, when he decided to be
a young winter ‘snowbird’ and
work as a traveling nurse at Mayo
Clinic Hospital during the winters
of 2011 and 2012. Two weeks
before his return to Kansas his
second year, he met Rachel. She
runs a community school in
Phoenix, AZ for children with
Autism Spectrum, which was
my area of interest when I was
teaching special education at
the elementary level. Rachel has
a 9-year-old daughter whom we
love, and Eric and Rachel gave
us our third grandchild, Elle,
last summer. She is now 10
months old and so cute. Last
summer’s travels were minimal
as we were awaiting Elle’s ar-
rival but we have been on the
road twice already this spring.
Our first trip was to Kansas to
see Tanner’s graduation. On our
return we took in three national
parks and some other interesting
places in Colorado and Utah. We
have just recently returned from
Sedona where one of my neph-
ews was married. Future trips
will be to other Arizona sites and
maybe a couple in California.”
Karen Connor Balatsinos
“After graduating last May, our
daughter Jennifer has been
working for NBC Sports and
has traveled to the Olympics
and all golf tournaments that
they cover. Our son G.J. left his
job in finance to work with his
father’s real estate investment
company. This has been a big
help because my husband has
been fighting cancer and has to
undergo treatments periodically.
Members of the Class of 1970 had an early summer get-together in Wildwood
Crest, NJ. Pictured are Helen Cattalo Halpin, Loreta Chirico Perthes, Pat
Panichelli Papiez, Kathy Mulhern Clark, Pat McGarry Kraeer, and Ginny
Derham Sullivan.
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