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Award and several academic and
athletic (baseball) scholarships.
Ryan’s sister, Brianna Rose, 2013
Villa Maria Academy graduate,
received recognition for her art
portfolio. Grandson Kelly Force,
9 years old (Anne M. Cummings),
was the 2014 distance cham-
pion in the MDLL Hit-A-Thon.
Soon to graduate is John C.W.
Cummings, Jr. from the Culinary
Institute of America (CIA) in
Napa, CA, following the footsteps
of his cousin Lee Cummings
who graduated from CIA, Pough-
keepsie, NY. Daughter Rosemary
Corbin-Cummings has a photo
exhibit at the Jefferson Gallery
in Boston, MA until mid-July.
Last but not least, I received a
certification as master gardener
from Oregon State (OSU) and
am working on permaculture
certification from OSU. Educa-
tion just never stops. I will be
teaching Irish history in Bethany
Beach, DE in September 2014.
So happy for all my ‘grands’ do-
ing so well, and all at the same
time. We are blessed God gave
us such gifts and talents.”
Mary Anne Bensinger Gearing
writes, “Congratulations to the
class of ’64 who just celebrated
their 50th anniversary...we are
still talking about ours. We are
looking forward to our little sisters
celebrating next year. I am still
cleaning out some of my memora-
bilia like our dinks...and compline
prayers and some things from the
passion plays and of course my
Villager shirtwaist dress and my
madras shirtwaist. I was unable
to attend since my husband had
an infection in his foot...went
sepsis...and once again the
Immaculata community prayed
for him. We had to stay in Florida
an extra month...he is back to
normal. Looking forward to start-
ing that booklist suggested by the
San Antonio Six and compiled
by Lois Leiden Tilles. Thank you,
Lois! Hopefully we will catch up
with some of you at Sea Isle,
but if you are in the area of the
Jersey Shore (it’s coming back)
give us a call. God bless. —Ben.”
Oxford University Press published
a paper written by
Peg Monahan
Hogan, Ph.D.,
titled, “Elective
Abortion: Archetype of Contempo-
rary Culture.” Peg also presented
two lectures: “Reorientation of
the Imagination and Health Care”
at the University of Notre Dame,
and “Non-Violent Resistance and
the Polity-Kreisau Circle” at the
University of Portland in Oregon.
Kathy Wurts
writes, “I had a
fabulous time at the recent
canonizations of the two popes!
Afterward, we had a tour of Italy
which brought back memories
of the grand trip through Europe
a group of us took after gradu-
ation over 50 years ago!”
196 4
Frances Tamburino Connolly
chosen to be honored at the
100th anniversary of the
Rittenhouse Square Garden
Party as an educator, advocate,
and supporter. The event was
held at the Curtis Center at the
end of April. Frances has been
living in Center City, Philadel-
phia for twelve years. She is
the owner of Eamon Staffing
Associates, Inc., which special-
izes in the placement of educa-
tors and small businesses.
Anne Fitzgerald
Peggy Kelly
writes, “The 50th reunion
for the class of 1964 was a
wonderful gathering and time for
reflection and re-acquaintance.
Many thanks to the University for
all of the special touches; we felt
very honored and special. Almost
half of our classmates (62) were
in attendance, and we contributed
over $10,000 to the inaugural
50th Reunion Scholarship Fund
that will be awarded this coming
fall to a deserving incoming
student. If you did not have an
opportunity to make a gift in
honor of our 50th reunion, you
can still do so. Contact Melissa
or 610-647-4400 ext. 3206) at
IU for more details, and check
out the photos from the reunion.”
Jeanne Wrobleski
shares, “In
addition to being a lawyer, I have
enjoyed working in the Philadel-
phia philanthropic community as
an officer and/or director of the
following non-profits: The Wilma
Theater, The Charlotte Cushman
Foundation, The South Street
Dance Company, Women in
Transition, and The Philadelphia
Prisons. I encourage everyone to
get engaged in your local non-
profit community. As retirement
comes along, it’s the most re-
warding and fulfilling way to stay
engaged in a meaningful activity.”
Kathryn Pierce Cox
writes, “Now
have 23 grandchildren with the
addition of Colin, Daisy, and
Owen. Fourteen boys and nine
girls. Eleven of my children and
20 grandchildren live close by.
I’m always attending their soccer
games and school programs. I
often visit my son in New York
and attend many plays both on
and off Broadway. I also visit my
daughter in Needham, MA and
attend her three sons’ soccer and
basketball games. I am a sports,
theatre, and restaurant junkie. I
Pictured at an alumni reception held last year in Indianapolis, IN, are Nancy Clapp ’55 with
her daughter Monica Cougan.
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