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As I write this I have just returned from the Naismith
Basketball Hall of Fame festivities in Springfield, MA. Our
Mighty Macs champions were at the center of a whirlwind
three days filled with press conferences, dinners, and
ceremonies where they demonstrated what it means to be
Immaculata alumnae. Theresa Shank Grentz ’74 was the
spokesperson on behalf of the team and she did a wonderful
job of representing her teammates and her alma mater.
Of course this team will have a few more opportunities
to celebrate their glory days with their induction into the
Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame (November 13), a campus
celebration of the Naismith induction (November 15) and
their recognition by the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in
Knoxville, TN (June 13).
While the Mighty Macs have represented Immaculata
very well over the years, there is one campus icon that “is”
Immaculata—Villa Maria Hall. We will celebrate Villa
Maria’s centennial on Sunday, September 14 with a Mass and
special birthday cake. Over this century, our Blessed Mother
perched high atop the dome has stood resilient and proud,
signifying that this college was founded on strong principles
and high ideals. Within Villa Maria much has changed with
time, however, one space remains the same as when the
first students of Villa Maria Academy entered in 1920—the
Rotunda. To this day, when someone walks through the
Rotunda, especially for the first time, they will stop in their
tracks to admire the beauty of the space. The simple act of
looking up at the stained glass dome can make walking to a
meeting an enjoyable experience.
While much of this magazine looks back we do want
to take a moment to look forward. As you receive this our
students will already be in classes. The freshmen will be
settling in, getting used to their new routine. Some of our
upperclassmen will be right at home in the new residence
halls. And the seniors will be starting their final year on
the campus. In the evening, campus (and nearly 40 sites off
campus) is abuzz with our CLL and CGS students descending
on campus as they pursue their dreams and goals. Being
around the students gives me great confidence in the future
of Immaculata. The men and women who decide to attend
Immaculata embrace the past of the University while writing
their own chapter in the history of the University.
These are exciting times at Immaculata, and we hope to see
you on campus at one of our exciting events!
Be Mighty!
Kevin F. Quinn, M.B.A., C.F.R.E.
Vice President for University Advancement
Kevin F. Quinn, Vice President for University Advancement
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