Immaculata Magazine - Winter 2015 - page 49

Where did you learn about photography?
I’m kind of self-taught. My first camera was a Brownie Hawkeye. I
was about 10. I was always the one in the family constantly taking
pictures. I’ve done a lot of reading about photography on my own,
and I’ve taken some seminars.
When I started traveling by myself, my camera was kind of like my
partner. It gave me a purpose, a direction so that I didn’t appear
to be alone.
People liked my photos, so I started printing them and going to
craft fairs, and that developed into Photography by Susan.
How many photos do you usually take on your trips?
After a two-week trip, I could easily end up with around 4,000
pictures. I hate to miss anything! I know there are a lot of them
that may not be good enough to print. Those I’m taking for myself,
to remember the trip in my old age! I like to take a lot and then
delete from there. Out of that can come some true winners.
I see so much beauty, I just have to take it home with me. I take
so many pictures because it’s like putting it in a bottle and taking
it home.
I go on small tours of 12 to 14 people with a tour company called
Nada’s Italy. Each tour is in a specific area of Italy.
What is one of your favorite photos?
I was taking a picture of the Ponte Vecchio at sunset and getting
ready to leave. Sometimes after the sun goes down, the color of the
sky is at its best. On this night, the sky was an explosion of color. It
was incredible! You get those surprises sometimes that just work.
A Venice Gondolier
© Photography by Susan
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