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Susan La Bella ’68 is a travel photographer whose work
is showcased in Gallery Seventy-Two in Mt. Holly, NJ, and in
the New York Design Center. Check out more of her work at
How did your work come to be featured in the New York
Design Center?
An interior designer saw my work and liked it, and he invited me
to hang some of my photographs in the New York Design Center,
where he was redesigning one of the showrooms. He wanted
attractive pieces of art on the wall to enhance the furniture. I have
16 pieces currently hanging there.
What makes for a good photo?
My mind’s eye sees the world as photographs, cropping out the
extraneous and attempting to capture the beautiful.
I did a countryside scene in Tuscany that’s in the gallery. Somebody
said to me, “That draws me in. It makes me want to keep looking
into the distance to see what’s there.” If you can’t go to Italy, I
want you to be able to look at this countryside and feel like you’re
there. I want the emotion to be there, so that you’re experiencing
what I saw.
People think that with cameras, now anyone can take a beautiful
picture, but it’s the composition that is important. It is about
capturing a child’s fleeting smile, a wave hitting the shore, a bird in
mid-flight or the wonder of the ever-changing colors of a
be cherished, remembered and saved for posterity.
Orange Butterfly in St. Maarten
© Photography by Susan
The Ponte Vecchio at Sunset
© Photography by Susan
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