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Jennifer Blair
is a metabolic dietitian
at The Children’s Hospital of Phila-
Jane Kollmer
writes, “This year, I
started a freelance editing/writing
business on the side with a former
colleague of mine. It’s called
Ch/At Communications. Contact is
. One of
my clients is Chris Wetzler, who owns
a business based in Downingtown
called Compass Point Travel. I’ve
been helping him with e-newsletters,
brochures, and other marketing
materials, which have resulted in
more business leads. Chris takes
adults with disabilities on vacations.
It really is incredible all the good
things he does. At my day job, which
I am celebrating three years this
January, I finished a large project:
our annual report, which I did largely
on my own and am very proud of the
final product. In addition to writing
for publications, I’m also managing
our social media efforts and dabbling
in web and graphic design. I’ve also
been volunteering at a non-profit
called 826CHI, an organization that
helps students learn to enjoy writing.
I am participating as a virtual tutor,
which means I provide feedback on
essays for high school students in an
advanced-placement history course.
I have also been training for several
years at a seido karate school that
focuses on self-defense and violence
prevention. I recently was asked to
join its Board of Directors. It has
been interesting to see the behind-
the-scenes of how a non-profit
works. For what it’s worth, much of
my volunteer activities have been
inspired by the community work I
did during my time at Immaculata
(i.e., Campus Ministry, Habitat for
Humanity, the Writing Center, etc.).
There were a few years where I took
a break from it, but now I am getting
more involved in activities where I
can make an impact in helping oth-
ers. Thanks, IU, for bringing out that
quality in me.”
Kelly Dickinson Altendorf
is a veteri-
narian at the Mid-Atlantic Veterinary
Hospital. Kelly was married in Octo-
ber 2013.
Meghan Greene Santomarco
and her
husband Mike welcomed their first
child, Siobhan Marie Santomarco, on
December 26, 2013. Meghan and
her family live in Brooklyn, NY.
Megan Logan Freer
writes, “I joined
the Philadelphia Police Department
in March 2008. In November 2011,
I married William Freer, Jr. We cur-
rently live in Philadelphia.”
Elizabeth Stonaker
is a teacher at
Downingtown High School East in
Downingtown, PA, and a cheerlead-
ing coach at Bayard Rustin High
School in West Chester, PA. She
hopes to begin her master’s degree
in education at Immaculata.
Amanda Anoh-Plott
writes, “Oh dear!
Where do I begin other than the Lord
has been great to us in 2013 and
continues to bless us every day into
2014. My husband and I recently
purchased a house—yes indeed, we
are first-time homeowners, and as
we entered the new year, baby boy
Liam Nicholas Plott was born. What a
blessing he is, and what an experi-
ence it is to be parents for the first
time. We are doing well and remi-
nisce often about the good times at
IU where we met, and we think of the
Sisters, especially Sister Cathy Nally
and Sister Marie Lorraine Bruno who,
while being great educators, in some
way had a positive influence in our
relationship as a couple on campus.
As for me all is great; I asked that
the community keep us in its prayers
as we do Immaculata University and
all the IHMs every day. Happy new
Melissa Cifaloglio
got engaged to Mi-
chael Micheletti in December 2013.
Latoya Johnson
is the director of
student activities and multicultural
community engagement at Pine
Manor College.
Janelle Steiger Lacey
Dan Lacey
bought their first home together in
Havertown, PA in December 2013.
In fall 2013,
Sara Pletcher
began a
Master of Science in Management
with a marketing management focus
at Wilmington University.
Kasey Cole
shares, “On November 18,
2013 my fiancé Mike Ogle proposed.
We are excited to be engaged and
are currently planning a wedding for
spring 2015.”
Claire Giambi
is not only a security
professional in the defense industry,
but she is also a bar trivia host and
mascot handler for the Washington
Capitals (NHL). She and longtime
boyfriend Kevin McMullen purchased
their first home together in November
2013. The beautiful 120-year-old
row home is located blocks away
from the Baltimore, MD Inner Harbor.
Claire, Kevin and their three dogs
Dax, Charley, and Boo love living in
the city.
Missy Hopely’s
The People You
Meet in Real Life, was published in
December 2013 and is available on
After her September 2013 wedding
to Fernando Melecio,
Rachael Kennedy
honeymooned in Playa Del Carmen,
Mexico. They are both Spanish teach-
ers working in Philadelphia.
Charles McKinney
is anticipating his
graduation from Webster University
in May. He will receive an M.A. in
media communications from his
graduate studies in Bangkok, Thai-
land where he enrolled as a full-time
student in the university’s 15-month
program. A media/communication
Ph.D. hopeful for the fall semester,
Charles plans to maximize his inter-
national study and work experiences
as a cosmopolitan to serve others by
continuing his travelogue presenta-
tions, publishing his book(s), and
paying it forward through increased
community service outreach. Full of
promise and enthusiasm for future
success and purpose, Charles will
continue to put his best foot forward
in all that he does. Globetrotting,
therefore, will remain an integral
part of his life work. He’s adamantly
excited to reunite with the IU com-
munity upon his return home.
Pictured on a snowy January afternoon is India Conaway ’16.
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