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Patricia Galloway Williams, Ph.D.,
recently appointed principal of James
Buchanan Elementary School in Bris-
tol Township School District.
Mary Elizabeth Devine, Esq.,
is the
president and principal attorney of
Devine Law Associates, a general
practice law firm which handles a va-
riety of matters involving real estate,
wills, estate administration, personal
injury, corporate and contract law,
civil litigation and U.S. District Court
for the Eastern District of Pennsylva-
nia and the U.S. District Court for the
District of New Jersey. She partici-
pates in the annual Toys for Tots col-
lection and annual Leukemia Society
Fundraising dancing and affairs. She
is a committee member of the South-
eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the
American Red Cross, a volunteer at
health fairs for local parishes, and
an estate planning presenter. She
provides pro bono services for those
who cannot afford legal assistance
and works with the local parishes
and Knights of Columbus in providing
legal services.
Theresa Major Payton
, former chief
information officer for the White
House, was a featured guest on the
Fox News show Happening Now
with Jenna Lee on October 4, 2013.
Theresa spoke about concerns over
safety of information on the govern-
ment health care website. She also
appeared on The Daily Show with Jon
Stewart on January 21, 2014 to talk
about her new book with co-author
Ted Claypoole, Privacy in the Age
of Big Data: Recognizing Threats,
Defending Your Rights, and Protect-
ing Your Family.
Immaculata University head women’s
basketball coach
Patty Canterino ’92,
’12 M.A.
was honored for breaking the
all-time record for career wins at Im-
maculata. Coach Canterino won her
150th game earlier this season, be-
coming the winningest head women’s
basketball coach at Immaculata and
recently named 2014 CSAC Coach of
the Year.
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Christelle Patselas
writes, “I am
teaching EDU366, Technology In
Education, at Immaculata Univer-
sity. I am so excited to be back at
Immaculata since being a student. I
have designed and will be teaching
the class, so this is truly an exciting
experience for me.”
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Jennifer Bruce Nanni
works at Inspira
Health Care Cancer Treatment De-
partment in Vineland, NJ as a BA,
IRD coordinator for cancer services.
She and husband Anthony have two
children: Juliana is 8 years old, and
Anthony is 6 years old.
Brittanie Weber Kruegel
writes, “I
got married to Scott L. Kruegel on
August 4, 2012 and had twin girls,
Hannah and Leah, on February 25,
William J. McCusker, Ed.D.,
that he will be retiring as president
of Cardinal O’Hara High School at
the end of the school year. William
has been the school’s president for
13 years.
Karen Strojan Records
is a social
service administrator for the State
of Delaware Department of Health
and Social Services, Division of State
Service Centers, Office of Commu-
nity Services.
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Amy Holtan
is a WIC team leader for
the USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Mid-Atlantic Regional Office.
Kate Orban, Ed.D.,
retired as school
superintendent of York suburban
schools in November 2013. She has
served this district since 2005. Her
tenure included overseeing the 2010
construction of an elementary school,
the first to be built in this district in
more than 30 years.
Frank Orman
shares, “Happy to be be-
ginning my 15th year at the Church
of Saint Monica, Berwyn, and my
12th as the director of worship and
music for the parish and also artistic
director for the music at Monica’s
Concert Series, the outreach series
of fine arts events for the Main Line
Cindy Thompson
is a senior nursing
specialist for the post-anesthesia
care unit and the women’s acute
surgical unit at Sharp Mary Birch
Hospital for Women and Newborns.
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Joanne Dzus
has been assigned as
a treatment court specialist for the
Chester County Department of Drug
and Alcohol Services. She recently
returned to Immaculata University
to run the drug and alcohol informa-
tional booth during Representative
Milne’s 55+ Expo. For more informa-
tion about Chester County Treatment
Courts or Drug & Alcohol Services
During the 93rd Annual Immaculata University Carol Night,
James Malinowski ’09 proposed to Erin Rogers ’10... she said YES!
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