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years in Holland, Bucks County, PA.
Let’s start getting together for lunch
or dinner, Class of 1976!!”
Jean Balestra
is enjoying retirement
after her years of global travel for
work and leisure; she spends more
time relaxing near home in New
Jersey by visiting friends and enjoy-
ing time with her parents and family
back in New York.
Cynthia Colucci Cross
shares, “After
working 26 years in the marketing
department as a qualified plan mar-
keting consultant with National Life
Group, I took an early retirement. My
husband and I sold our home and
moved to Lake Alfred, FL. Our three
children are grown and now live in
different parts of the country. Our
oldest, Aimee, lives in St. Peters-
burg, FL, working as a reconciliation
analyst for a data software company.
Our second daughter, Julie, lives in
Killington, VT. She works with chil-
dren who have autism and is studying
for a master’s degree in forensic
psychology. Our youngest, Ryan, is
in the middle of moving to Seattle,
WA, having graduated summa cum
laude from Plymouth State Univer-
sity with a degree in mathematics.
After seven months of being out of
the work force, I decided to go back
to work. I was recently hired to work
for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office
in the telecommunications depart-
ment. I work nights from seven in the
evening to seven in the morning on
the law enforcement side of 911 dis-
patch. The work is stressful, exciting
and humbling at the same time. The
best description of a 911 dispatcher
is that ‘We are the first responders
to the first responders.’ In my spare
time, I volunteer as a guardian ad
litem. My role of a guardian ad litem
is to advocate for children who have
been neglected, abused, or found
that their home life has them in a
dangerous situation. A guardian ad
litem is the voice of the child during
court proceedings. Florida weather
is the best for both my husband and
me. I especially love this weather as
it is good for my marathon training.
I am currently training for marathon
number 14. My most prestigious
marathon was the New York City
Marathon, which I completed in
Heide Bauer Needham
of Colorado
Springs is working in case manage-
ment. Though she lost her mom
recently, she was able to share her
life for many years as her parents
had moved to Colorado, living nearby
after their retirement, and ultimately
sharing Heide and husband Rob’s
house. She and Rob always enjoy
visiting friends and their adult kids:
Eric and Ryan in the Chicago area,
and Christina, not as far, in Colorado.
Jean Paslawsky
has moved “home”
to Tamaqua, PA. She has resumed
working after taking care of her mom.
She is presently in the process of
moving and is very happy to be mov-
ing at a slower pace (at least most of
the time). She writes, “It’s a pleasure
to enjoy mountains and people here
full time again! Between work, I am
back to walking to stores, relatives
and the library, going fishing, golfing
and relaxing at the Tamaqua pool.
Keep in touch!
Maryann Dudley Platz
and husband
George of Chadds Ford, PA enjoy
being closer to Maryann’s family and
seeing nieces and nephews growing
up. They also celebrated their daugh-
ter Meghan’s wedding last year and
visited their daughter Mary, who is
living and working in North Carolina.
Kim Harkins Rizzo
and her husband
John are enjoying their growing fam-
ily: John, Pam, and their children
Sarah and Natalie; newlyweds Mark
and Jen; and youngest son Stephen,
who is now moving to a new job. Kim
works as a technical aid to a school.
Mostly, she loves being grandma to
the girls!
Renee Lemmo Rosen
is now a buyer for
Macy’s. She and husband Stephen
are already downsizing and recently
relocated to Horsham, PA. Her
daughters are busy: Madison works
nearby and Taylor followed Mom as
an Immaculatan, having graduated
in 2013.
Remembering a dear classmate: on
October 27th, our classmate
Frances “Missy” Healey
and her
husband Gary Hartdorn were killed
in an accident while traveling in New
Jersey. Many of the class gathered to
celebrate their lives at their funeral in
Cape May. Everyone who knew Missy
was treated to her huge, generous
heart of gold, her entertaining stories
(she had a knack for keeping you
laughing), and her love and compas-
sion for family, friends, and patients
alike! Her professional knowledge
seemed endless, and she enjoyed a
great career in dietetics, truly caring
for dialysis patients and diabetics.
We miss her deeply as we travel the
rest of our earthly journeys; however,
we must remember Missy and her
staunch belief that “life has not end-
ed; merely changed.” Please smile as
you think of her, raise a glass and say
to her, “Until we meet again!”
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Lisa Morgan-Blount
is an internship
coordinator for Cheyney University of
Constance Napaluch Davies
her M.B.A. in biotechnology and
health industry management at Penn
State University in December 2013.
She is looking forward to her 30th
reunion on May 2-3, 2014 and hopes
to see her classmates there.
Immaculata alumnus Brian Nowak ’12 presented to students in an IU Money
and Banking class. Nowak works for the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia as an
assistant bank examiner.
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