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49 years. He was a teacher, a friend,
a role model, and as Joe Healey said
in his eloquent eulogy, ‘Dan was a
gentle, generous, and loving man.’
Dan Machon is missed!”
Kathleen McGrath Johnson
“We’ve been in the Charleston area
since 2003 and love it here! Our
daughter Bridget moved back east
two years ago (after 10 years in San
Diego) and met a great young man.
They are to be married in October
and will settle here. We feel very
blessed that they will be nearby.”
Andrea Crivelli-Kovach
shares, “Ar-
cadia University’s Master of Public
Health Program received full accredi-
tation from the Council on Education
for Public Health (CEPH), beginning
June 2013 until July 2018.” Andrea
is a professor and director/chair of
Community & Global Public Health at
Arcadia University.
Melanie Macko Miles
and husband
David are approaching their 45th
wedding anniversary on June 14th.
Melanie is still president (and David
is chairman), of MilesLeHane, which
has done HR consulting (www.
mileslehane.com) for over 23 years,
and is an encore career for both of
them. Their offices are in an historic
antebellum mansion where General
Robert E. Lee planned the Battle
of Antietam. Melanie is also a CTA
(certified tourism ambassador)
for the Journey Through Hallowed
Ground, which is currently focused
on the 150th anniversary of the Civil
War. Their property is a designated
Civil War site. Their family has grown
over the years. Melanie’s son Scott,
who is now 38, is married to Erin and
gave Melanie her first grandchild,
James Brock Miles, on March 13,
2012. Melanie’s son Michael, who is
now 36, is married to Christine and
gave Melanie her grandchild, Masen
Simon Miles, on January 13, 2014.
Izanne Leonard-Haak
Speaker MacNett, Esq
. have been mak-
ing a point to get together for dinner
at least once each quarter. Both work
in Harrisburg and enjoy catching up
on local and state workplace issues
and politics as well as family and
friends. Izanne, Anne Meister, Cathy
Barrett Salvaterra and Susan Mostyn
Antos enjoyed a luncheon together
in Washington, D.C. on February 1
to celebrate Izanne’s 65th birthday.
They started with a tour of Susan’s
new home on Capitol Hill. Izanne
is also celebrating her promotion
to managing principal at Health
Management Associates, a national
health care consulting firm, where
Izanne focuses on implementation
of electronic health records and
Medicaid/low income managed care
Barbara Crea Shannon
serves as
president of the Board of Governors
of Immaculata University. She and
her sisters Pat Crea LaRocco ’71,
M.D., and Maryann Crea spent over
three weeks in Italy in October,
visiting family and doing the tourist
thing. Barb and her husband Greg
are distributors of Shaklee products.
Shaklee’s mission statement includes
“better health for everyone and bet-
ter wealth for anyone.” This includes
personal health, weight loss and
management, environmental health,
skin health and financial health.
MaryAnn Salotto Hildick
became a
grandmother for the first time in
October 2013. She also went on an
Atlantic cruise, ending in Rome. She
was excited to be able to see Pope
Francis on the streets of Rome.
Nancy Caldarola, Ph.D., R.D.,
“Son Cristofer and his wife Carrie
had a daughter on December 16th—
Elena Aurelia, grandchild number five
behind cousins Victoria (11), Valena
(8), Veronika (6), and brother Nicolas
(3).” Nancy and Richard are busy
with the children, with their teach-
ing, and with their businesses—The
Academic Forum, an academic meet-
ing group (
org) and The Food Training Group
to the foodservice and hospitality
industry, providing food safety educa-
tion, and performing operational and
food safety audits of foodservice
Mary Jo Delaney
is employed by
The Thomson Corporation, which
does electronic publishing. She has
volunteered in her parish on various
Moira Frost Tamburello
is waiting for
her sixth grandchild to be born in
April 2014. She celebrated her 40th
anniversary in June 2013.
Betsy Richards
writes, “I am now
semi-retired from the School District
of Philadelphia, and learning to
take it easier. I am taking at least
a year off from full-time teaching
and deciding as I go; I don’t want to
burn out as many teachers do after
working too many years without a
break. I am exploring my options,
making new friends and getting a
change of scene! Perhaps some new
doors will be opened to me. I’ve lived
in Northeast Philly near Pennypack
Park for eight years now, after 18
Pictured recently at an alumni gathering at Iron Hill in Wilmington, Delaware. L to R: Maria Giorgi Panella ’84, Stephanie
Wham D’Amico ’88, Pam Russo Sweeney ’85, Karen DeLucia Matweychuk ’83, and Peggy Behm ’81.
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