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business statistics, logical reasoning,
business mathematics, and college
algebra. My name and college affili-
ation are among the acknowledge-
ments for constructive comments to
drafts of The Art of Reasoning: An
Introduction to Logic and Critical
Thinking, 4th ed., by David Kelley,
published by W. W. Norton Company,
MaryLee Bradley
remembers class-
mate Eleanor Babco fondly. “‘Tootie,’
as we called her, was at IC for over
three years. She lived in Palmerton,
PA. She had a very successful ca-
reer and traveled around much of the
world, even China, as a consultant.
She was one of our very well-liked
and ‘down to earth’ classmates.”
Eleanor passed away in September
196 4
Kathleen Redpath Battista
enjoyed the
Gala honoring her classmate Dianne
Majer Mundy. She is eager to come
to her 50th reunion on May 2-3,
2014. “Sounds like great fun,” she
Anne Kirkpatrick Canfield
is a retired
senior editor. She is looking forward
to reconnecting with her classmates
after all these years.
Sue Culp Cristinzio
writes, “My
husband Frank, our son Michael Cris-
tinzio, and I moved from Lansdowne,
PA to Silver Spring, MD in 2011.
Our son Frank Cristinzio and his wife
Dayle also live in Silver Spring. Our
daughter Catherine Bakker and her
husband Arnold live in Baltimore,
MD. We have four grandchildren:
Noah Cristinzio (nearly 5 years old),
Anna Cristinzio (nearly 2), David Bak-
ker (2 plus) and baby Emilie Bakker
(about 2 months). My husband and
I are enjoying our family, updating
our new home, and renewing our
Irene Polomski
shares, “In April,
moved to Center City Philadelphia
after having lived away for 45 years.
Spent 23 warm September days
vacationing in Australia and New Zea-
land. Beautiful countries and friendly
people. Recommend visiting there if
an opportunity arises.”
Bobbi Giordano Costigan
“Several classmates, Noreen Cassidy
Cheleden, Beth McGeever O’Neill,
Ferdie Berghardt Lamb, Kathy Burns
Mayglothling, Linda Becker Long, Jan
Martens Vecsi, Andy Vescia Foldessy,
Joan Mossolino, and I gathered in
New York City on January 4th and
5th for our annual reunion. We en-
joyed seeing Broadway shows, having
lunch and dinner, and just catching
up on family news and activities dur-
ing 2013. Unfortunately, we missed
three girls who were not able to join
us—Janet Mancini Chace, Grace
Magee Lewin, and Sharon Blattner
Denero. A good time was had by all!
We are now looking forward to our
50th reunion at IU in the spring of
Mary Barron Mikusa
just retired after
23 years of nursing. She is hoping to
travel with her husband and enjoy her
Anne Marie Phillips Martin
“Chuck and I travelled to Norway,
Finland, the Shetland Islands,
Iceland, the Isle of Mann, Argentina,
Uruguay, the Falkland Islands, Ant-
arctica, and China last year. While in
Antarctica, I took a song-writing class
during our sea days. I composed a
piece for my grandchildren, and a
friend wrote the music and recorded
it on her album in Nashville last
June. My Life Song appears on the
album So Much More by Joan Maute.
I have seven grandchildren at present
with another due in July, and I write
a book for each one after I see their
personalities and traits. Retirement
in Arizona is wonderful. Life is good.”
Agatha Sienicki Pope
writes, “Doug
and I recently celebrated our 40th
anniversary with our children and
their families. We have since moved
to Florida—“becoming clichés,” he
says—and are taking bridge lessons
from Jackie Rinaldi Altschuler at the
Naples Bridge Center, which she
manages. We are expecting two more
grandchildren who will join our five
girls and one boy by early summer.”
Genevieve Marinari Tidd
shares, “On
December 8th, 2013, the feast of
the Immaculate Conception, my
son Michael was ordained to the
priesthood. He is a Benedictine and
resides at St. Mary’s Abbey in Mor-
ristown, NJ.”
Vicki Guiteras Giunta-Abbott
writes, “I
am having the time of my life baby-
sitting for Lily Victoria, my daughter’s
baby. Marissa is an ESL teacher.
She works part-time and that’s when
Lily is MINE!!! I share her with my
husband if he makes me. LOL!!!
Stages of Imagination’s live theater is
taking a hiatus but we still have the
Audio Adventures available if anyone
wants to gift a little person with a fun
and educational listening experi-
ence. Take a listen at
fimagination.org. Along with several
classmates, I attended the memorial
Mass for Dr. Daniel Machon—Dan.
His passing leaves a void in my life,
and in so many others too, who had
the privilege of having his friendship,
support, and interest through these
L to R: Members of the Alumni Board of Governors, Karen Coldwell ’94 M.A., ’10 Ed.D. and Kate Fitzpatrick ’97,
help during a recent Open House.
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