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Celeste Fischer Kalina
writes, “I just
celebrated my birthday! My chil-
dren took me to the shore because
I wanted to see the ocean, as I
am in a wheelchair and have been
housebound for some years. It was
beautiful. I have three children,
four grandchildren, and one great-
grandchild. Hello to everyone and
God bless you.”
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Eva Adams Atkinson
writes, “Just
thought the fall issue of the Immacu-
lata Magazine was outstanding! Keep
up the good work! I’m proud to be an
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Sister Agnes Frederick Blee, SND
shares, “First let me say all is well—
I am fine; but last summer, my heart
misbehaved and I moved to the
Notre Dame Health Center in Cincin-
nati, OH. It’s a lovely place to be and
so is Cincinnati itself. In October, I
spent two weeks in the Florida Keys,
and I loved that place too.”
Suzanne Quinn Gibson
writes, “My life
remains the same but a year older!
So happy about the new directory!”
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Dot Walsh Kelly
writes, “I have
two great-grandchildren: a boy in
California and a girl in Virginia. The
’49ers are looking forward to our
65th Reunion in May. Please keep in
touch—we want to hear from you.”
Antoinette Schiavo
just retired after
serving at Holy Family University for
22 years as associate dean in the
School of Education.
Patricia Papawick Beronio
writes, “My
husband and I are very active in our
community and our Catholic Church
with political and pro-life activities,
as well as genealogy research, delv-
ing deeper and deeper into my Rusyn
background (“Google” that word for
lots of interesting information on this
ethnic minority). But this year, we
additionally did two unusual things.
We helped a 94-year old, never-
married friend of the family with her
struggles to finish a life well-lived
and pass on to her eternal reward.
She remained in the big house in
which she was born, despite all
urging to the contrary. Her parents
and two also unmarried brothers had
preceded her, so it was difficult for
her to leave. As medical proxy and
then executor, we were busy, espe-
cially the past two years. Secondly,
we successfully survived the 15-hour
plane ride and enjoyed a 15-day tour
of five of the major cities of mainland
China. Our trip included climbing
the Great Wall, seeing the Terracotta
Warriors, going on a four-day cruise
through the Three Gorges and Dam
of the Yangtze River, and a cruise
on the Li River between Guilin &
Yangshuo. We then spent nine days
sightseeing in Hong Kong with our
two grandchildren and their parents.
It was an amazingly educational
experience in many ways!”
Frances Mahoney Bannister
“Ron and I have celebrated our 51st
anniversary. We are enjoying our
fifth year living at Maris Grove in
Delaware County.”
Joan Schmidt Carr
writes, “In October,
my husband and I welcomed Liz
Foley Burns and Carroll Thompson to
Texas for a five-day visit. It’s always
a pleasure keeping in touch.”
Judith Sweeney Riley
is enjoying retire-
ment. She feels blessed with five
children: one daughter, four sons,
and thirteen grandchildren. She
enjoys travel, especially to Mexico.
Delia Ann Murphy Schmidt
“Had enough snow and cold in
south central Pennsylvania, so we
are spending February and March
in Hawaii ... our 26th visit. The first
time was in 1969 when my husband
Werner had a five-day R&R from
Vietnam. We fell in love with Hawaii
and its people, and now look forward
to returning every year.”
Justine Boni Baker
shares, “I am still
a full professor at Peirce College in
Philadelphia. I mostly teach online. I
teach introductory and intermediate
Save the Date
2nd Annual Immaculata University Awards Gala
Join us at a celebration honoring two of Immaculata’s
distinguished alumni:
Barbara Crea Shannon ’70
Peggy Behm ’81
Recipient of the 2014 Alumni Medal
Recipient of the 2014 Amethyst Award
Saturday, October 4, 2014
RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve, Phoenixville, PA
For more information, call: 610.647.4400, ext. 3133
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