Immaculata Magazine - Winter 2015 - page 38

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Philadelphia Hall
of Frame
On Thursday, November 13, 2014, the Mighty Macs again received
recognition for their accomplishments achieved over 40 years ago. The
Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame inducted the championship teams of
the Mighty Macs into the prestigious organization.
Held at the Sheraton Society Hill in downtown Philadelphia, the
event showered the Mighty Macs with accolades. Once again, family
and friends of the Mighty Macs, and Immaculata administration
attended the evening event.
Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling, former 76er
Chet Walker, former Flyer Brian Propp, former NFL receiver Marvin
Harrison, and legendary boxing-great Meldrick Taylor were some of the
15 members inducted this year. The Hall of Fame members represent
professional as well as high school athletes, Olympic gold medal
recipients, writers, managers, and sportscasters from all sports across
the Delaware Valley.
L to R (front row): Judy Marra Martelli, Janet Ruch Boltz, Theresa Shank Grentz, Rene Muth Portland, and Betty Ann Hoffman Quinn. L to R (back row): Sue
O’Grady, Barbara Deuble Kelly, Patricia Mulhern Loughran, Marie Liguori Williams, Denise Conway Crawford, Marianne Crawford Stanley, and Maureen Stuhlman
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