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So what lies ahead for Holmes? She is working on her second master’s degree at the
University of Pennsylvania along with her post-graduate internship at the historic and
renowned Council for Relationships in Philadelphia where she is pursuing a license as a
marriage and family therapist. Holmes envisions a future vocation in the marriage and family
counseling field. Professionally, she has been certified as a substitute teacher through the Ches-
ter County Intermediate Unit; she serves as a substitute teacher throughout Chester County.
Committed to her local community, she plans on providing psychoeducation courses as well
as individual and family therapy for the community.
As an aside, she goes to yoga, meditation classes, art museums and Sixers games with
her boyfriend to stay balanced and sane! As a huge advocate of civil service and social
justice, she engages in volunteerism. Most recently she was a guest speaker on an
ecumenical panel at Villanova University. Finally, Holmes looks forward to growing
as a minister, teacher, and student clinician before eventually working toward her
doctorate in clinical or pastoral psychology.
B.A. in International Business Foreign Languages
Travel is not just what McKinney does, but it is who
he is. When he first traveled abroad in high school as a
foreign exchange student, he didn’t know that it would
serve as the threshold of a lifetime interest in globetrot-
ting. Now, nearly 10 years later, he has lived in four
countries and plans to do much more traveling in years
to come. The world of teaching English has given him
incredible opportunity to engage in cultural anthropol-
ogy, and he certainly can’t get enough of the language
learning process, as a polyglot in the making.
McKinney graduates in May with his M.A. in
media communications from Webster University,
Thailand, where he completed the entire accelerated
program in Bangkok. A Ph.D. hopeful in media/
communication/English studies, McKinney foresees
a rewarding career in academia whereby he will equip
the next generation with the intellectual and life skills
for success in this globalized world. It is McKinney’s
delight to demonstrate IU pride on all of his nomadic
journeys, distributing
newspapers to new-
found friends and sporting IU dress attire overseas.
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