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Chimere G. Holmes, a 2006 graduate of
Immaculata with a degree in Communication,
is a testament to the Biblical tenet “with God all
things are possible.” A young woman with a love
for people and a knack for sharing the Gospel of
Christ, Holmes’ graduate education has allowed
her to practice, consistently, the knowledge
gained throughout her higher education program.
A full-time grad student and campus ministry
intern (CMI) for two years, Holmes graduated
last spring from Villanova University in suburban
Philadelphia, PA, with a master’s degree in The-
ology and a certificate in Pastoral Ministry. She
even had the privilege of giving the invocation at
the commencement ceremony.
Holmes chose to enroll as a Theology student
at Villanova because, as she said, “Having worked
in the journalism industry previously, I felt the
need to follow a new beat, to grow as a person,
and to expand my horizons.” Upon visiting an
open house event at Villanova for the Theology
program, she felt drawn to it after discussing it
with a professor, especially given her affinity for
ministry-based and church-related endeavors.
“After having that one chance meeting at the
open house, on that day…the rest was history,”
she said about the beginning of her new normal
as a graduate student. Then only a year after
matriculation into the program, Holmes applied
for and obtained the rewarding CMI position.
While a lucrative compensation accompanied
the CMI position—“a once in a lifetime situation”
as she described it—that made the cost of living
bearable for Holmes as someone who left the
workforce to pursue an advanced degree, touch-
ing lives through her journey proved the greatest
reward in itself. Living in the same community
with the freshmen and sophomores, Holmes
had to plan and partake in campus building and
interfaith events for the students “to foster a sense
of community,” she explained. Holmes and her
fellow CMIs were an accessible resource whom
undergraduates could consult for guidance, be it
academic, social, mental, or spiritual.
Service-learning trips to places like Gua-
temala, Jamaica, and El Salvador represented
another fascinating part of the CMI position.
Holmes deemed her groundbreaking foreign
country trip to Kingston, Jamaica as her “best
memory of grad school life.” She impacted the
lives of the collegians who went on the service
trip in a way she credited as her “most authentic
experience as a [campus] minister.” During the
service trip, Holmes and her peers spent quality
time with the local children, performing service
and counseling the anxious Villanova students
who were quickly approaching graduation.
Holmes certainly hopes to travel more in her
“adult life” as she put it, especially as it relates to
her vocation.
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