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Thank goodness that’s over! Hopefully by the time you are
reading this, spring will have taken firm hold of the weather. This
winter has challenged most of us—I think the folks in southern-
most Florida were spared—but the reward for suffering through
winter is the beauty and optimism that comes with spring.
There are few places on earth more optimistic than a college
campus, and at Immaculata this is especially so. This positive spirit
abounds because of all that is special about Immaculata. From the
beautiful campus, to the life-giving spirit of the IHM Sisters, to
the rich academic offerings, to the bright men and women who
are engaged in education, Immaculata embodies a true optimistic
One of the most amazing things is how the spirit of Immacu-
lata’s campus is carried out into the world by our alumni. Over the
past 18 months I have met hundreds, if not thousands, of Immacu-
lata graduates. These graduates earned degrees in every imaginable
program, live throughout the country and are in varying phases of
life, yet they all share a strong, singular bond with Immaculata.
There is an unbelievably high level of enthusiasm for this Univer-
sity that permeates our alumni population.
In fact, one graduate (who has asked to remain anonymous)
from a reunion class is so enthusiastic for Immaculata that she has
initiated the “Be Mighty Challenge!” This generous donor will
match new and increased gifts to the Immaculata Fund through
June 30, with a goal of $30,000! This total increase of $60,000
will support all areas of the University, and more importantly,
will provide greater and better opportunities for our students.
More specific information as to how you can participate in the Be
Mighty Challenge is included on the next page.
Of course, supporting the Immaculata Fund is only one way
to remain connected with Immaculata. We are always looking for
people interested in getting involved with the Alumni Association,
hosting or supporting events in their area, helping recruit future
Mighty Macs, or jumping on the phone for the Telethon. If you
are interested in being involved, please reach out to us. We will be
more than willing to match your interests with one of the dozens
of ways alumni, parents, friends and students can get involved.
Finally, with spring comes Reunion Weekend. Hundreds of
graduates will return to campus May 2-4 to catch up with old
friends, tour the campus, and maybe even take in a Phillies game.
All are welcome to join in the festivities, and we hope to see you
Go Mighty Macs!
Kevin F. Quinn, M.B.A., C.F.R.E.
Vice President for University Advancement
Pictured at the 2013 IU Athletics Hall of Fame ceremony are from L to R: Kevin Quinn, vice president for University Advancement; Jenni Sauer, vice president for
Finance and Administration; Sister Patricia Fadden, IHM, Ed.D., president; and Stephen Pugliese, Ph.D., vice president for Student Development and Engagement.
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