Immaculata Magazine Summer 2014 - page 3

Dear Friends of Immaculata,
If these walls could talk, what would Mother Camilla have thought while looking at
blueprints for Villa Maria Hall over 100 years ago? Could she possibly have foreseen what the
precursor to Villa Maria College would become nearly 100 years later?
I have no doubt that Mother Camilla looks on what has evolved with great pride. As we
approach the 100th anniversary of Villa Maria Hall, it is time to celebrate the majestic aura
that surrounds the beautiful centerpiece of our campus. Immaculata rejoices in those who
have played a role in its history—our Sisters, our alumni, our faculty, our staff, our students,
all who have graced Immaculata with their presence. Throughout the academic year of 2014-
2015, Villa Maria’s 100th anniversary will be commemorated beginning on September 14,
2014 with a joyful celebration of Mother Camilla’s vision…and her dream come true.
Still sustaining Mother Camilla’s dreams, Immaculata’s academic endeavors have been sanctioned again for 10
more years by the Middle States Accreditation team. After over two years of in-depth study by several members
of the Immaculata community, the educational offerings have been approved and endorsed by this important
accrediting agency. My heartfelt thanks go out to so many from our campus community who worked hard to
ensure that the accrediting team’s visit would be successful.
In this magazine, we have included a “Profiles” section highlighting our alumni who have put their mark
on the world and are a testament to an Immaculata education. These alumni have achieved both personal and
professional goals and through their experiences and successes show the world what it means to Be Mighty! I
commend them for their achievements and am happy that Immaculata can share their stories.
As always, we encourage you to visit our campus. Please join the University community on September 14 for
the celebration or stop by and visit another day during the year and enjoy the displays filled with remembrances,
archival photographs and memorabilia of Villa Maria scattered throughout the Hall. I am confident they will elicit
many fond memories.
Today we celebrate the vision of a century ago when Mother Camilla’s hopes and dreams were only on paper
drawings showing arched wooden beams reaching to the sky. And now 100 years later, the beams graced by
Our Lady have been transformed into a beautiful arched dome overlooking Chester Valley, holding memories of
accomplishments fulfilled and dreams realized. Of course, as president of Immaculata today, reflection leads to
thinking about Immaculata’s future, but that is a topic for the next
Immaculata Magazine!
Thank you for the role you play in keeping Mother Camilla’s hope alive.
Sister R. Patricia Fadden, IHM, Ed.D.
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