Spring 2014 Magazine - Immaculata University - page 29

An Exclusive Agent with AllState Insurance Company in California
who manages her own office, Brenda saw
The Mighty Macs
with her husband in Philadelphia in October 2011, the month of its
premiere. After she saw the movie, she turned to her husband and said,
“I’m going to use the themes of the movie to help motivate my staff.”
The following day, this determined woman drove to campus and pur-
chased 10 Immaculata t-shirts, thus beginning her two-year journey.
Returning to her home in Long Beach, CA, Brenda and her team
began their inspirational journey. They watched the movie together and
brainstormed on the messages that were presented to them. Recogniz-
ing the themes of “believe,” “teamwork,” “we are #1,” “power is within
you and in your heart,” Brenda and her young dynamic team began to
ponder how to harness them. Over the next two years, they wore their
Immaculata t-shirts proudly around their local area, answering ques-
tions about Immaculata to strangers who had never heard of
Brenda set goals for her team to be the #1 Agency in California.
With faith in their determination to be the “best” and believing they
would reach their goals, she promised them a long weekend in Phila-
delphia to visit Immaculata and pose for photos in the Rotunda and on
Back Campus, where in the movie the Mother Superior (Ellen Burstyn)
stood pondering the future of Immaculata.
Brenda planned every detail of the weekend…a visit to Pat’s and Geno’s
Steaks, an Amish country inn for lunch, a tour of the Reading Terminal
Market and Old City, dinner at the City Tavern, and, on a recent Friday,
they walked into the Rotunda, proudly dressed in their t-shirts.
While visiting Immaculata, Brenda and her team learned that
Immaculata’s women’s basketball team was playing in the champion-
ship game for the Colonial States Athletic Conference the next eve-
ning. The group agreed that they were meant to be there and that they
must attend the game.
Delaying dinner plans that evening, the group of nine rooted for the
present-day Mighty Macs as they played against Cabrini College. Although
Immaculata lost the game, the spirit of Brenda and her team was infectious.
They felt that this was a part of their journey…to be there on the weekend of
the championships.
“The movie was our inspiration as it emphasized all the things that I try
to instill in my young team… building their confidence so that they believe in
their abilities and committing themselves to each other and a team goal. The
success of working together for a common goal is what motivated the Mighty
Macs, and my team, to reach their goal of being #1,” said Brenda. “And, we
all agreed that the visit to Immaculata and the reception we received was the
highlight of our trip!”
It’s wonderful to see that
The Mighty Macs
had far reaching effects on
people. Though this was unusual and very surprising that the themes of a
basketball movie would directly affect the performance and success of an insur-
ance company, kudos to Brenda who saw this as an opportunity to engage and
motivate her young team.
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