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flu one weekend, went into heart failure, and was hospitalized. In his
laid back yet persistent way, he surprised his mother by asking her to
drop him off at school after missing only one day of class. He has had
several other instances of heart failure and cardiac arrest during his
college career, but has missed very few days of school.
“Whoever hires him [will be] very fortunate, not only for the
abilities that he has, but for the good that he brings out in others,”
Rosemary said, pointing to the inspiration that her son is: “If this kid
can do this, then I certainly can.”
Kevin hopes to use his Communication degree to assist a non-
profit, or the community relations department of a sports team. He is
also interested in helping the Barth Syndrome Foundation, which his
family helped to establish to provide support for other families and
patients and to raise funds for medical research about the condition.
“Through learning about topics such as grant writing, social
media usage and public relations, I am better able to be a voice for
the foundation whenever they need me,” Kevin wrote last fall in a
prize-winning essay about what Immaculata’s College of LifeLong
Learning means to him.
The University didn’t just provide an opportunity to develop his
communication skills. “Thanks to Immaculata,” Kevin wrote, “I have
been able to show what those affected by Barth syndrome are capable
of. That we can go to college like those without health problems and
succeed just as they do.”
As one of the oldest Barth syndrome patients, Kevin wants to
encourage the younger boys he has met through his involvement with
the Barth Syndrome Foundation. “If I can just be one more person
who shows them that they can be just like everyone else, when people
are telling them that they can’t, then that’s a plus,” he said. “Whether
other people have low expectations of you or you have low expecta-
tions of yourself… if you put in your best effort, you can succeed.”
Zach Mota ’15
“Just be yourself and you’ll find people who like you for you,”
stated Immaculata University junior Zach Mota. These words of wis-
dom have served Mota well throughout his life.
Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Mota’s main instrument is
the trombone but he also plays baritone and bass guitar and began
playing the piano while at Immaculata. Music has always been a part
of his life.
“When I was younger, I used to be in a band with my brother,”
stated Mota. “We called ourselves The Aftermath of an Autopsy.” Cur-
rently, he is expressing his musical talent by performing in Immacu-
lata’s Men’s Glee Club, Concert Band, and Chamber Choir.
As far as listening to music, Mota said he enjoys music from all
genres. “I listen to everyone—no particular favorite.” Currently, he’s
into post-hardcore music like Enter Shikari and partycore groups like
Attila. New emerging artists that he appreciates are Emancipator,
Kodaline and I am Oak.
Aside from his musical interests, Mota is a skateboard enthusiast
who is exploring longboarding, which is more like surfing on a skate-
board. When he finds the time, he enjoys hiking and soccer.
As a native of Blairstown, NJ, Mota is following in the footsteps
of his older sister who graduated from Immaculata University. “After
high school, I took a year off and my parents wanted me to come to
Immaculata,” stated Mota. “It was a good fit because I already knew
the campus.”
After graduation, Mota would like to work in music production or
engineering—or maybe music synthesis. However, his real dream job,
financial worries aside, would be working with his hands at a craft
such as woodworking. Ceramics, one of his favorite classes while at
IU, also sparked an interest.
With so many talents, varied interests, and a commitment to hard
work, Mota has a very bright future ahead of him. He is right, just be
yourself and people will genuinely like you.
For more information about the Barth Syndrome Foundation,
please visit
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