Immaculata Magazine Summer 2014 - page 18

I MMA C U L ATA MA G A Z I N E * S UMM E R 2 0 1 4
y biggest inspiration for being part of the Mac Pack
was my older brother Kevin Giambi. I have looked up
to him since childhood; he was one grade above me in school so
everything he did I wanted to do as well, but even better. During
college,my brother had the opportunity to be YouDee (the University
of Delaware mascot) so of course, I thought, with my personality,
why couldn’t I give that a try? Thankfully, I had a chance to meet
Dave Raymond of Raymond Entertainment Group, and passed his
information along to IU. Raymond Entertainment Group was the
company that IU selected to help Mac come alive from ideas and
drawings into a real-life character.
Being a mascot was an amazing opportunity and a time in my life
I will never forget! I was able to goof off, put smiles on peoples’ faces
and keep them guessing as to who it was under all that fur. I am sure
if you ask anyone in the Mac Pack they will all agree. Every time you
stop to take a photo, even though you are under all that fur, you are still
grinning in the photos too, even though no one can actually see your
smile! That just shows how much we love what we’re doing as members
of the Mac Pack!
Mascot/character branding is a great chance for schools,
companies, and sports teams to market themselves without having to
overdo it per se. Mac participates in numerous events that help put
IU on the map. During my time in the “pack,” Mac attended a lot of
IU events, Coatesville parades, events for professional mascots such
as HipHop of the 76ers (NBA), and even went to Washington, D.C.
to hang out with Slapshot of the Washington Capitals (NHL). Every
event was different, but just another chance for Mac and the Mac Pack
members to spread the word about Immaculata University!
Sadly, I didn’t get the opportunity to make a professional career out
of mascoting like some of the friends I’ve made through my time as a
collegiate mascot, but I did spend two summers as a mascot handler for
theWashingtonNationals Racing Presidents! I amalso about to embark
on my sixth season as mascot handler to Slapshot, the Washington
Capitals mascot! Even though I no longer get to “suit up,” I still get to
help out, which is pretty awesome!! Of course I wish that this position
could be full-time, but you don’t do it for the paycheck; you do it to
see the smiles and hear the laughter of the kids and adults in the arena
when they get to spend just a few minutes with their favorite hockey
team’s mascot!
Currently, my full-time job is in the government industry of
the intelligence community as a security specialist. My degree from
Immaculata was in Sociology, which has definitely come in handy
at times in my current position. I am also looking into going back
to school for my master’s. My time at Immaculata was amazing, and
being part of the Mac Pack made it even better!
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