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Immaculata’s talented students who are accepted into the Honors
Program enjoy benefits of special activities and programs. This past
semester, the students were invited to an Honors Tea. William Carr,
DMA, professor of Music and Steinway Artist, is the new director of the
Honors Program.
The Honors Tea presented the students with the opportunity to
interact with professors who will teach specific honors courses in the
spring semester. Those professors and topics include: William Watson,
Ph.D., “Conflict in the Middle East;” Stephanie Theodorou, Ph.D., “God,
Darwin, Einstein and the Big Bang;” Dawn Kriebel, Ph.D., “Cross-
Cultural Psychology;” Margaret Schooling, Ed.D., “Schools and Society;”
Lisa Brown, “Medical Sociology;” and Carr’s colloquium course, “Making
Creative Paradigms.”
“The students were excited about the ability to ask specific questions
of each of the spring 2015 honors course professors. It was also an
opportunity for the honors students to get to know one another on a more
social level,” Carr commented.
During the fall semester, several students attended the service trip to
St. Francis Inn’s soup kitchen in the Kensington section of Philadelphia,
where they prepared and served food to the homeless, witnessed the
caring and empathy of a dedicated staff, and participated in the charism of
Franciscan compassion. At the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts,
the students experienced both the architectural and acoustical refinements
of performances in one of the finest music halls in the world. At String
Theory High School, a charter school in Philadelphia, students were able
to observe how the teaching and learning processes are accomplished
completely through the use of iPads. In addition to these off-campus
activities, the honors students also raised funds on campus to help support
St. Francis Inn.
“These activities are designed to provide a learning experience that
integrates knowledge and sparks creative learning,” Carr explained. “The
engagement opportunities developed by the Honors Experience team
members, a group of committed IU faculty, administrators, and staff,
contributed to the honors students’ awareness of social justice issues as well
as to current artistic and educational developments.”
Immaculata will be the host site for the annual SEPCHE Honors
Conference scheduled for March 28, 2015. Several other activities are
planned for the spring semester, including more outreach programs to
the underprivileged; possible experiences in theater, art and technology
in Washington, D.C.; and potential opportunities in New York City.
A greater awareness of study abroad possibilities will be addressed and
discussed with the honors students.
The Immaculata Honors Program is open to full-time students in the
College of Undergraduate Studies who meet particular admission criteria
or who, upon evaluation of performance while at Immaculata, achieve a
cumulative 3.5 GPA in their studies. Currently, approximately 140 students
are actively engaged in completing the Honors Program curriculum.
Left photo: William Carr, DMA, Steinway Artist, professor of Music, and chair of the Honors Program, addresses the students at an Honors Tea. Top right photo: Students attend the
Honors Tea. Pictured L to R are: Emma Thibodeau, Lexie Diaz, Melissa Koff, and Collette LaBoeuf. Bottom right photo: Honors students depart for a service trip to St. Francis Inn’s
soup kitchen. Pictured L to R are: Paige Clay, Sarah Pasternak, and Emma Koontz.
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