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William Carr, DMA, Steinway Artist and professor of Music
at Immaculata University, performed a series of piano concerts
throughout Italy that were sponsored by associates of the Italian
Consulate in Philadelphia and by the International Opera Theatre
in Milan, Italy, with support from the Steinway Company.
“My solo performing experiences in Italy, especially at the
Accademia dei Rozzi in Siena, were most memorable. It was indeed
an honor to experience the enormous contributions of the Italian
culture to music, art, architecture, sculpture, and painting, and its
incomparable contributions to history. What an amazing people
and country!”
To begin his concert tour, Carr gave a performance in Siena at
“Sala degli Specchi” hall on Sunday, June 29. Next, he traveled to
Florence to conduct master classes for young Italian pianists with
regard to technique, mechanics, and repertoire. Following the master
class, Carr delighted the students and invited guests with a concert.
Continuing on his journey, Carr visited the International Opera
Theatre in Milan where he conducted another master class and gave
a performance. The concerts featured musical selections that included
; Haydn’s
Fantasia in C Major
; Beethoven’s
Appassionata Sonata
; Chopin’s
and Chopin’s
Grande Polonaise Brillant
Dr. Carr’s
International Travels
What is a Fashion Incubator and why is Immaculata involved?
The purpose of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator (PFI) is to support
and promote emerging fashion designers and the fashion community
of Philadelphia—so why wouldn’t Immaculata be involved? This year,
Immaculata will be an academic sponsor of the PFI.
Chris Baeza, director of Immaculata’s Fashion Merchandising
program, was recently named to the Board of Directors for the PFI.
The Board of Directors is composed of eight members from the business,
academic and fashion communities who are responsible for all PFI policies,
fundraising development, budgets and programs.
“Immaculata students will be exposed to a variety of opportunities
and events throughout the year allowing them to grow their network and
connect what they are learning in the classroom to real situations in the
fashion industry,” commented Baeza.
The PFI supports talented people who understand the program is a
business proposition, not merely a creative opportunity. This philosophy
resonates with Immaculata’s Fashion Merchandising program slogan:
“teaching the business of fashion.”
Chris Baeza
and the Fashion Incubator
Jerry Lundgren, CEO of Macy’s (middle), with Chris Baeza (far right) and
the board of the Macy’s Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.
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