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Students in the Media Ethics and the Law class with John Church, USMCR, assistant professor of English, visited the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The goal of the trip was to provide the
students a timely media ethics-based lesson that familiarizes students with some of the ethical issues journalists face as they strive to be accurate, fair and clear. This field trip was offered
through a Pathways mini-grant provided by Immaculata.
Only in America, and maybe only in Kentucky, and only Immaculata would
have a graduate handing over the “reins” of a high school to a fellow Immaculatan.
Elaine Rizzi Salvo, Class of 1965, retired from Assumption High School in
Louisville, KY in July 2014. Who stepped in to serve as president but fellow
Immaculatan Mary Burke Lang, Class of 1984!
According to an article published in August in the
Louisville Business First
Mary Lang has 25 years’ experience in administration; this is her first experience
in the field of education. Previously, she served as director of development for the
Bloomington Hospital Foundation in Indiana as well as the executive director of
the Bloomington Meals on Wheels program.
Assumption High School is the largest all-girls Catholic school in Louisville,
educating 900 young women each year. At Assumption, everything they do is
centered on developing young women to be informed, compassionate, courageous
leaders for tomorrow.
Mary attributes her success to the dean of students at her high school,
Archbishop Ryan High School for Girls (now coed), who helped her get a
scholarship to Immaculata. As one of eight children from a working class family,
Mary said she wouldn’t have attended college if it weren’t for that scholarship.
Mary’s past experience in not-for-profit management and fundraising makes
her well suited to the demands of the job. Mary holds both a master’s degree in
health administration and a juris doctorate, both from St. Louis University. Her
husband is a family medicine physician, and they recently celebrated their 25th
wedding anniversary. They have four children between the ages of 13 and 20.
After graduating from Immaculata in 1965, Elaine Salvo taught at Cathedral
Academy in Camden, NJ and Paul VI High School in Haddon Township, NJ. Her
husband was transferred to Louisville in 1975. In 1977, they adopted a baby boy,
David, who is now 38. He and his wife Kelley have 3-year-old Adalaine.
Elaine went back to teaching full time in 1980 at Assumption High School
as a math teacher, taking classes at the University of Louisville, and receiving a
Master of Arts in Teaching
Mathematics in 1983. In
October of 1996, she filled a
vacant position as the school’s
college counselor and studied
school counseling at Spalding
University in Louisville,
receiving a second master’s
degree in 1998. In 2006, she was
named president of Assumption
by the board of directors.
During her 34 years at
Assumption, she was department
chair of mathematics and then
guidance, and president of the two local professional organizations associated with
those areas.
Since retirement, Elaine has reverted to her math background and has been
mentoring a Catholic elementary school algebra teacher, tutoring a young woman
refugee for the ACT, and serving on the board of her neighborhood association as
Elaine has also continued to introduce the new president of Assumption, Mary
Lang, to donors and community leaders with whom she worked as president.
According to Elaine, “Mary came to us from Bloomington, Indiana, and is in the
process of settling into the Louisville and Assumption communities. We have
enjoyed getting to know each other and sharing stories about our days at, then, IC.
Mary is a Philly girl and I am from South Jersey, so we share memories from those
regions as well.
“Assumption is a very special school and I’m delighted that I am leaving it in
her capable hands.”
L to R: Elaine Salvo and Mary Lang
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