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Most freshmen worry about adapting to college life, maintaining decent grades,
and perhaps spending time away from their families…oh, and maybe battling the
“freshman 15.” However, one of Immaculata’s students, freshman Jasmine Daniels,
has additional responsibilities that come from being named Miss Pennsylvania Teen
USA 2015. She will compete in the national Miss Teen USA event in August 2015.
“Being crowned Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2015 was the best thing that has
ever happened to me,” said Daniels. “It’s not about having a pretty face and showing
off your crown, but it’s more about being able to touch lives and make a difference.”
While holding the title, Daniels is expected to make appearances that include
speaking engagements, volunteering, and making a difference with regard to her
pageant platform and personal passion of addressing the problem of bullying. She has
already appeared at dozens of food and clothing drives and has given presentations
on bullying, including The Reason for the Season day-long event where she discussed
bullying and conflict resolution with teenage girls.
“I chose bullying as my platform mainly because I am close with people who were
affected by bullying,” stated Daniels. “Another reason is because it is such a serious
social problem where children are silently crying for help and are in need of a voice to
save them, and I want to be that voice.”
Placing second runner-up last year in the very first pageant that she competed
in, Daniels has great admiration for girls who participate in pageants. She explains,
“They show the world that they are much more than their beautiful faces and can
speak about a social cause that is important to them.” She admits that winning the
pageant “is something that I have dreamed about doing, and now I have turned my
dreams into a reality.”
Graduating from Perkiomen Valley High School, Daniels decided to attend
Immaculata University based on the great reputation of its Fashion Merchandising
program and the fact that campus was close to her home in Collegeville, PA.
Currently, she is a merchandiser for Rachelle Boutique in Bryn Mawr, PA. Exploring
her love for fashion, Daniels enjoys sewing, constructing designs, and shopping. She
also creates beauty and hair tutorials for YouTube and maintains two blogs, one for
fashion and another devoted to bullying.
Chris Baeza, chair of Immaculata’s Fashion Merchandising Program, said, “I
cannot think of a more deserving person for the title of Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA
2015. Jasmine possesses grace and poise in and out of the classroom. She has a bright
future ahead of her.”
That future, according to Daniels’ career goals, consists of earning an M.B.A.
and building her beauty and fashion empire. Well, if her current streak of achieving
goals and making dreams reality holds up, she may be well on her way.
Photos courtesy of Pageant Association/Edwin Shaw Photography
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