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Mac has truly been all over the world, and this past
Christmas he was able to participate in something very
special. Immaculata alumnus Jonathan Martin ’09, a staff
sergeant with the 82nd Airborne Division (U.S. Army)
stationed in Fort Bragg, NC, participated in Operation
Toy Drop. Each paratrooper donates a new toy and in
return is entered into a lottery. The lucky winners of the
lottery are allowed to participate in a parachute jump.
“The best part for the paratroopers is that foreign
armies from around the world come to participate [in Op-
eration Toy Drop], which allows everyone the opportunity
to earn foreign jump wings to wear on their dress uni-
form,” said Martin. He explained that any time American
paratroopers exit an aircraft with a jump master from a
foreign army, they earn that country’s “jump wings.” For
this event, they jumped from an American aircraft with
a Polish jump master giving the orders accompanied by a
U.S. jump master translating.
So not only was this Mac’s first airborne jump, but
Martin earned his Polish jump wings. “I was thrilled that
I was able to be part of this annual charity jump. It was
truly special for me because my wife and two children
were there with me. Since my wife Sarah is also a graduate
of Immaculata, we really enjoyed having Mac there with
us,” commented Martin on this experience.
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