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Updates from the Presidential Search Committee

January 31, 2017

The Board of Trustees appointed Barbara Lettiere ’72 as the 10th president of Immaculata University. Barbara brings outstanding expertise as a leader in both the corporate and higher education sectors through her prosperous careers at Bell Atlantic and at Trinity Washington University. Her dedication and service to the Board over the past seven years, in addition to her personal love of Immaculata as an alumna, provide a unique dynamic to lead our University.
This is also a momentous occasion and point in history where the presidency of the University is transitioned to a lay person. The Board conveys its utmost confidence in Barbara to commence the role while upholding and honoring the values and tradition of Immaculata’s IHM heritage.

Winter 2017

The Immaculata University presidential search committee is preparing to present the finalists to the IU board of trustees for their vote for the next president of the University. R.H. Perry & Associates, the search team whom the University engaged to assist in the process, has been extremely helpful in directing us with our work. In an email received this week, they acknowledged our work and, in their words, “The committee has put in so much effort and been so diligent about equanimity for all the candidates.” They also reminded us that “The process to this point has to remain confidential in perpetuity.”

Thus, after screening more than 60 viable candidates, we can share with you the names of the three finalists for the next president of the University; they are William J. Bisset (Manhattan College, NY), Donald Boomgaarden (The University of Scranton, PA), and Barbara Lettiere (Trinity Washington University, DC). The curriculum vitae for each of these candidates will be available on open reserve in Gabriele Library if anyone is interested in reading them.

We know that you will continue to pray for the success of the outcome of this most important undertaking. Thank you.

Fall 2016

R.H. Perry presented the candidate pool to the search committee for the selection of semi-finalists. The search committee will conduct semi-finalist interviews in November.

Summer 2016

The search firm R.H. Perry has been advertising, recruiting and interviewing qualified candidates over the summer months.

Spring 2016

The IU community (faculty, administrators, staff, and a representative sample of alumni and students) provided feedback on the desired characteristics of the next president. Based on this input, the IU presidential search committee and executive search firm R.H. Perry developed the presidential position profile.


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