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Janet Kane, director of CASTLEDr. Janet Kane

Dr. Janet Kane, professor of Psychology and Higher Education, was appointed director of the CASTLE following 18 years of service in administration at Immaculata, during which she served as the College of Undergraduate Studies dean, the College of Graduate Studies dean and assistant vice president for Academic Affairs. In each of these roles she worked closely with faculty in many areas of faculty development, ranging from orientation of new faculty to assistance with promotion and tenure applications. During her time in administration, she remained active in the classroom and has broad experience in current pedagogy, technology and the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Advisory Board

Kristy A. Brumfield, Ph.D.Kristy Brumfield, Ph.D.

Kristy A. Brumfield is a counselor educator who joined the faculty at Immaculata University as an associate professor in January 2015. Prior to this she was a member of the faculty at Xavier University of Louisiana and had been a counselor working with children and adolescents in New Orleans for more than 10 years. She is a licensed professional counselor - supervisor, a registered play therapist - supervisor, and a nationally certified counselor. While at Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Brumfield was actively engaged with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) and embraced the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Elizabeth Faunce, Ph.D. Elizabeth Faunce

Elizabeth Faunce has been a member of the IU Business and Accounting Department for 17 years; serving five years as a full-time member and 12 years as an adjunct member.  She is proficient in teaching a multitude of economics and finance courses and is actively engaged in curriculum development for business courses in the accelerated environment.  For the last three years, Dr. Faunce has been engaged in research associated with improving faculty metacognition and has presented her findings at four national and international conferences during 2015.  She is very excited to be involved with the formation of the CASTLE at Immaculata.

April Herring, Ed.D. April Herring

April Herring spent over 20 years as a practitioner in higher education before getting her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and coming to the Higher Education program at IU. Her research areas are the history of higher education and retention and persistence. Having spent many years leading experiential education trips (kayaking, mountaineering, spelunking, ropes and initiatives), Dr. Herring combines her knowledge of teaching and learning to create active and engaging classrooms. She has loved being a part of the metacognition group and is excited to help guide the CASTLE.

Sister Judith Parsons, IHM, Ph.D. Sister Judith Parsons

Sister Judith Parsons is an associate professor in the Philosophy Department.  Faced daily with the student perception that philosophy is difficult and useless, Sister Judith looks for new ways to engage students in what they are learning and to make philosophy “user friendly.”  Sister Judith is a proud member of IU’s academy for metacognition and praises this group for making her a better, more engaged teacher.    

Sister Annette Pelletier, IHM, Ph.D. Sister Annette Pelletier

Sister Annette Pelletier is an associate professor of Theology who brings a broad variety of educational experience in Catholic education from the mid-Atlantic states and Florida to Chile and Peru.  Her academic and research interests focus on faith and culture, Latin American missions, and Hispanic ministry in Montgomery County.  She holds a Certificate for Peruvian Cultural Anthropology of Education from the Universidad Católica de Lima, Peru.

Melissa Reed

Melissa Reed, Ed.D.

Melissa Reed is the chair of the Education Division at Immaculata University.  Dr. Reed’s areas of expertise are technology integration in classroom instruction, educational leadership, and curriculum development.  She has presented her research locally and nationally. She presented at the International Research Methods Summer School at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland and the International Education Conference in London, England in June 2015.

Kelly Stalker, Ed.D. Kelly Stalker

Kelly Stalker is the Athletic Training program director at Immaculata University.  She started at Immaculata University in 2002 and was initially employed by the Department of Athletics as the head athletic trainer.  She spearheaded the development of the Athletic Training major and led the program through CAATE accreditation, which was granted in 2014.  Dr. Stalker enjoys mentoring students to find their passions in athletic training and related disciplines.  She spends numerous hours meeting with students each week to provide academic advisement and general guidance.  In addition to these roles, Dr. Stalker serves on various committees on campus, including academic personnel, first year experience, and recruitment and retention.





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