Immaculata Symphony Youth Concert

This hilarious concert, held in Alumnae Hall, features the music of P.D.Q. Bach, supposedly the last and very least of Johann Sebastian Bach’s children. We tackle his most ambitious work, the 1712 Overture, where it is widely known that the only original passages in this music are due to P.D.Q.’s inability to remember how the piece that he was stealing from went.

We also perform his Konzertshtick for Two Violins mit Orchestra, which features our very own concertmaster Mr. Robert Rossi and the Russian violin virtuoso Ivan Peirotcik who both have reluctantly agreed to play the solo violin parts. A funny and entertaining concert for children of all ages.

Tickets are available at the door and here.

Joseph Gehring, conductor

Malcom Arnold - A Grand, Grand Festival Overture

P.D.Q. Bach - Konzertshtick for Two Violins mit Orchestra

P.D.Q. Bach - 1712 Overture

Sunday, February 16, 2014 - 3:00pm

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