Nomination Form for Athletics Hall of Fame

Immaculata University established an Athletic Hall of Fame in 2012 for the purpose of recognizing individuals who have contributed to the success and growth of the athletic program.

Hall of Fame inductees are inducted into one of two separate categories--one for former student-athletes, teams and coaches, and a second category for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the development and advancement of Immaculata Athletics, and have shown strong support and service to the athletic department.

The Immaculata University Athletic Hall of Fame nomination process is open to everyone. We welcome and encourage your participation with worthy candidates. Please review the criteria listed below and then submit your nomination either through the online nomination form or by downloading the PDF and returning it by mail to: Danah Allen, Immaculata Athletics, P.O. Box 632, 1145 King Road, Immaculata, PA 19345-0632. Your submissions should include as much factual information as possible about the individual. Nominees may by contacted to request more information if needed.

Nominations will be accepted until April 30th.

IU Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form (PDF)

Online IU Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Eligible candidates include former athletes, athletic teams, coaches, administrators, support staff or any other individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the long history of athletics at Immaculata University. Most importantly, these individuals and teams, in addition to specific criteria, must have been of high moral character. Nominees are not eligible for induction until 10 years after completion of athletic competition or five years of service as an employee (or coach). In order for an athlete to be eligible, he or she must have graduated from Immaculata University.

Requisites for Selection


  1. Must be an alumnus of Immaculata University
  2. Must have graduated at least 10 years prior to selection to the Athletic Hall of Fame
  3. Must have significantly contributed to and/or demonstrated athletic excellence during his/her career at Immaculata University
  4. Must have competed for at least two seasons for Immaculata


  1. Must have demonstrated an unusually high degree of success during any given season
  2. Must have competed at least five years prior to selection


  1. Must have demonstrated an unusually high degree of success, relative to the sport coached
  2. Should have achieved a win/loss record which is viewed as highly successful by his or her peers
  3. Must have left the coaching position at least five years prior to selection to the Athletic Hall of Fame

Others (administrators, support staff, etc.):

  1. Must have demonstrated a strong and unique interest in Immaculata University
  2. Individual must have made a positive and significant impact on the Athletic Department
  3. Must have demonstrated extended periods of support and service to the Athletic Department

For further information on the Athletic Hall of Fame, please contact Danah Allen, at (610) 644-8482 or via email at