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Graduate Music Therapy Ambassador: Nicky Vallee

Meet student ambassador Nicky Vallee, who is earning her M.A. in Music Therapy. Our ambassadors are exceptional students who have been selected by faculty to represent the Immaculata University graduate student experience.

Nicky is a musician/entertainer, freelance writer, and voiceover artist from Woodbury, NJ.

What are your interests?

My academic interests include the psychology of music and music therapy for a variety of populations, including soldiers with PTSD, the elderly, and children with developmental and physical disabilities.

What brought you here to Immaculata?

After ten years of living on the west coast and working in the television news, restaurant, and entertainment industries, I desired a change of pace and career. My decision to apply to the Music Therapy program was solidified after meeting Dr. Eyre, our program chair, and after speaking with a close friend who is also studying music therapy.

What are your goals?

Academically speaking, I want to absorb as much knowledge as possible, and to become the most competent, trustworthy therapist I can be. I am excited to work in a field where there is so much potential to make meaningful differences in the quality of another person’s life.

What has your experience been like at Immaculata?

From the first day I stepped onto campus, I have felt welcomed. I must admit, returning to an academic environment after 16 years in the professional world and after undergoing some major life changes has been a real adjustment. That being said, my instructors, classmates, and the administration here have all helped me in my transition. I am truly looking forward to what these next few years may bring.

If you are interested in graduate school and would like to speak with Nicky about her experience at IU, please feel free to email her at

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