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Graduate Psychology Ambassador: Franco Marchese

Graduate Psychology student ambassador

Meet student ambassador Franco Marchese, a Clinical Psychology Psy.D. student. Our ambassadors are exceptional students who have been selected by faculty to represent the Immaculata University graduate student experience.

Franco is currently in his second year of the Psy.D. program and works as a therapeutic staff support and mobile therapist for Penn Psychiatric Center.

What are your interests and hobbies?

My hobbies and interests include swimming, running, bicycling, cooking, and going to the movies. I enjoy reading books pertaining to my field of study, especially memoirs.

What brought you here to Immaculata?

The Psy.D. program prompted me to visit Immaculata. The beautiful campus and the warm and open faculty and staff made my decision to stay rather easy.

What are your goals?

My goals include opening up my own practice or being part of a small group practice. As of now, I’d like to focus on assessment and neuropsychology/trauma as specialties. I may be interested in partaking in research and treatment in other parts of the world where people are experiencing natural disasters and trauma.

What has your experience been like at Immaculata?

My experience at Immaculata has exceeded every single expectation that I ever had of a school. My professors are so supportive of me and all the other students. Every one of our teachers significantly guides us to where we need to be. They have become more than just our teachers, but our friends as well. The administration as a whole at Immaculata, I’ve always found friendly and helpful. The resources that we have on campus here are beneficial and encourage all the students here to interact with each other.

Furthermore, in my particular experience, everyone in my cohort and in the year ahead of us all know each other well, and have become a surrogate family since I’ve left home.

If you are interested in graduate school and would like to speak with Franco about his experience at IU, please feel free to email him at

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