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Program Overview

Immaculata’s Endorsement in Online Instruction will not only prepare you to perform the duties necessary for implementing online instruction, but will also help you become an instructional leader able to address questions related to the field and able to assist programs, courses, and fellow teachers in the transformation of traditional instruction into the online environment.

You will become familiar with the various configurations of online instruction that include fully online/cyber courses, blended/hybrid courses, and online learning modules incorporated into traditional courses. This endorsement focuses on the theories of distance education related to program design and development, delivery, professional responsibilities, and assessment.  A field experience is incorporated in each course.

Tuition and Costs

The tuition for the 2016-17 academic year is $575 per credit.


The professional core courses, competencies and experiences for the Online Instruction Endorsement program are designed to address the specific legal issues, knowledge, and competencies that are essential for course design, delivery and assessment in the online environment.

EDL 666 Design and Development of Online Learning (Includes 14 field experience hours)

This course will focus on using systematically researched methods of design and development for online instruction for diverse learners. Candidates will learn how to follow the five-phase instructional design model consisting of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (ADDIE) when designing and implementing online instruction. They will utilize varied delivery platform systems and technology tools, both existing and emerging, to create synchronous and/or asynchronous online courses, which will foster differentiated instruction and accommodations. Candidates will address the various configurations of online instruction including fully online, hybrid, and online learning modules incorporated within traditional courses.

EDL 667 Delivery Techniques for Teaching Online (Includes 14 field experience hours)

Prerequisite: EDL 666

In this course students will learn how to create effective online instruction as outlined in the Teacher Effectiveness Model of teaching supervision and evaluation.  Candidates will learn strategies and techniques to actively engage students while building an online learning community.  They will learn how to facilitate and monitor appropriate interactions of students while building trust within this community.  Candidates will understand their role as an effective learning facilitator by establishing consistent and reliable expectations while giving appropriate and timely feedback to community members.  Techniques for leading online instruction groups that are focused and inquiry-based will be developed.  Emphasis will be placed on providing differentiated instruction addressing the needs of diverse online learners.  

EDL 668 Assessment of Online Learning (Includes 10 field experience hours)

Prerequisite: EDL 666

In this course the candidate will create appropriate assessment instruments to adequately measure the content covered in the online course.  Candidates will learn how to create assessment instruments that ensure validity and reliability, while continually checking for alignment with course objectives and state and local standards.  They will learn how to create assignments that allow students to work within their learning styles as well as create opportunities for demonstrating their acquired knowledge and skills through authentic assessments. Candidates will learn how to use the data gathered through assessments to plan for diverse learners as well as modify the course to meet each student’s online needs.  They will learn how to create opportunities for students to reflect on their own learning as well as give feedback on teaching effectiveness within the online environment.  

EDL 669 Emerging Trends and Professional Responsibilities for the Online Teacher (includes 7 field experience hours)

In this course candidates will investigate legal and ethical issues related to teaching online.  They will learn how to establish norms for students for appropriate use of the Internet and written communication posted online and how to address infractions when they arise.  Candidates will learn how Fair Use supports digital learning when arranging media and content, and learn how to apply Acceptable Use Policies during online course design and delivery.  Candidates will understand students’ right to privacy and how their names and/or their submissions online may be shared with other community members.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the basic foundations and current best practices set in the 21st century, using scientifically based instructional strategies.
  2. Develop and implement instructional strategies that will engage students, build a strong community of learners, and provide regular and appropriate feedback with student and teacher reflections.
  3. Demonstrate strong knowledge of ethical, legal and safe behavior when working in the online classroom.
  4. Demonstrate working knowledge of Universal Design for Learning in order to accommodate all students in the online classroom, providing a variety of methods of assessing for mastery of content.
  5. Complete 45 hours of online experiences in multiple roles within distance education that are closely integrated with coursework, assessment practices and program goals.

Admission Requirements

Please submit:

  1. A completed graduate application form, available online.
  2. Official copy of undergraduate or graduate transcript with degree granted.
  3. Two reference forms
  4. Copy of Level I or Level II Certification.
Mailed materials may be sent to:
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Once the above items have been received by the Graduate Office, you will receive registration and payment information.

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