Name Email Address Phone Extension Department
Pamela Abraham, Psy.D. pabraham@immaculata.edu 3464 Psychology - Graduate
Sister Elizabeth Monica Acri, IHM, Psy.D. eacri@immaculata.edu 3519 Psychology - Graduate
Carolyn Albright, Ph.D. calbright@immaculata.edu 3678 Human Movement Sciences
Marguerite Stahley Ambrose, D.N.Sc. mambrose@immaculata.edu 3496 Nursing
Sister Trinita Marie Amorosi, IHM, M.Ed. tamorosi@immaculata.edu 3315 Art
Christine Baeza, M.L.D. cbaeza@immaculata.edu 3160 Fashion - Family and Consumer Sciences
Nancy Barker, M.S.N. nbarker@immaculata.edu 3684 Nursing
Patricia Becker, M.S., CRNP-BC, R.N. pbecker1@immaculata.edu 3668 Nursing
David W. Brennan, Ed.D. dbrennan@immaculata.edu 3164 Education
Kristy A. Brumfield, Ph.D. kbrumfield@immaculata.edu 3141 Psychology - Graduate
Sister Marie Lorraine Bruno, IHM, D.L.F. mbruno@immaculata.edu 3466 Global Languages and Cultures
Jacqueline Henry Bull, Ph.D. jbull@immaculata.edu 3031 Business and Accounting
Ann Buttner, Ph.D., R.N. abuttner@immaculata.edu 3498 Nursing
William Carr, DMA, Steinway Artist wcarr@immaculata.edu 3036 Music
Sister Joseph Marie Carter, IHM, Ed.D. jcarter@immaculata.edu 3029 College of Undergraduate Studies
Francien Chenoweth Dorliae, Psy.D. fdorliae@immaculata.edu 3433 Psychology - Graduate
Beth Chiatti, Ph.D., R.N., CSN, CTN bchiatti@immaculata.edu 3675 Nursing
John Church, B.S., M.A., USMCR jchurch@immaculata.edu 3898 English/Communication
Nina Chychula, Ph.D. nchychula@immaculata.edu 3689 Nursing
Kathleen M. Clark, M.A. kclark@Immaculata.edu 3467 Global Languages and Cultures
Rita Colanzi, Ph.D. rcolanzi@immaculata.edu 3679 English/Communication
Joseph Corabi, Ed.D. jcorabi@immaculata.edu 3288 Education
Janice Cranmer, Ed.D., R.N. jcranmer@immaculata.edu 3460 Nursing
Sister Susan J. Cronin, IHM, Ph.D. scronin@immaculata.edu 3273 Biology
Maria Cuddy-Casey, Ph.D. mcuddy-casey@immaculata.edu 3158 Psychology - Undergraduate
Sister Agnes Marie Cummings, IHM, M.S.N., R.N. acummings@immaculata.edu 3670 Nursing
Sister Regina Mauricia DeFeo, IHM, M.A.T.M. rdefeo@immaculata.edu 3250 Math/Information & Digital Systems
Sister Kathleen Doutt, IHM, D.M.A. kdoutt@immaculata.edu 3459 Music
Janet Etzi, Psy.D. jetzi@immaculata.edu 3205 Psychology - Graduate
Lillian Eyre, Ph.D., MT-BC, FAMI, LPC, Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery leyre@immaculata.edu 3490 Music, Music Therapy - Undergraduate, Music Therapy - Graduate
Timothy Fallis, Ph.D. tfallis@immaculata.edu 3030 English/Communication
Elizabeth Faunce, Ph.D., C.F.P. efaunce@immaculata.edu 3431 Business and Accounting
Delbert Ferster, Ed.D. dferster@immaculata.edu 3262 Math/Information & Digital Systems
Charlene Fitzwater, Ph.D. cfitzwater@immaculata.edu 3472 Business and Accounting
Sean Flannery, Ph.D. sflannery@immaculata.edu 3886 English/Communication
Sheila Fox, M.S.W., L.C.S.W Sociology/Criminology/Social Work
Sister Regina Foy, IHM, M.Mus., M.A. rfoy@immaculata.edu 3473 Music
Miriam Franco, Psy.D. mfranco@immaculata.edu 3469 Sociology/Criminology/Social Work
Laura Frank, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N. lfrank@immaculata.edu 3482 Nutrition and Dietetics
Barbara M. Gallagher, M.Ed. bgallagher@immaculata.edu 3737 Human Movement Sciences
Sister J. Sheila Galligan, IHM, S.T.L., S.T.D. sgalligan@immaculata.edu 3484 Theology
Sister Elaine Marie Glanz, IHM, Ph.D. eglanz@immaculata.edu 3019 English/Communication
Diane Grimes, M.A., M.F.A. dgrimes@immaculata.edu 3308 Art
Julie Guay, Psy.D. jguay@immaculata.edu 3481 Psychology - Graduate
Eugene J. Halus, Jr., Ph.D. ehalus@immaculata.edu 3161 History/Political Science/International Relations
Frank G. Hartleroad, M.A., USAR, Ret. fhartleroad@immaculata.edu 3451 Sociology/Criminology/Social Work
Joseph P. Healey, Ph.L. jhealey@immaculata.edu 3483 Philosophy
Sister Ann Heath, IHM, Ph.D. aheath@immaculata.edu 3003 Math/Information & Digital Systems
Sister Mary Henrich, IHM, M.A., M.A. mhenrich@immaculata.edu 3434 Theology
April Herring, Ed.D. aherring@immaculata.edu 3690 Higher Education
John S. Hill, Ph.D. jhill@immaculata.edu 3477 History/Political Science/International Relations
Carol Howe, M.L.I.S. chowe@immaculata.edu 3832 Library
Sister Agnes Hughes, IHM, Ph.D. ahughes@immaculata.edu 3290 Psychology - Undergraduate
Andrea McGraw Hunt, Ph.D. ahunt1@immaculata.edu 3159 Music Therapy - Undergraduate, Music Therapy - Graduate, Music
Christine Iannicelli, M.S.L.S. ciannicelli@immaculata.edu 3831 Library
Sister M. Carroll Isselmann, IHM, Ed.D, R.D., L.D.N. cisselmann@Immaculata.edu 3119 Nutrition and Dietetics
Janice Jacobs, Ph.D. jjacobs@immaculata.edu 3452 Organization Leadership
Sister Paula R. Jameson, IHM, M.S.N., R.N. pjameson@immaculata.edu 3665 Nursing
Edward Jenny, Psy.D. ejenny@immaculata.edu 3274 Psychology - Graduate
Mary Elizabeth "M.E." Jones, Ph.D. mjones@immaculata.edu 3254 Math/Information & Digital Systems
Janet Kane, Ed.D. jkane@immaculata.edu 3210 Psychology - Undergraduate, Higher Education
Michelle Kaulback, M.S.N., R.N. mkaulback@immaculata.edu 3685 Nursing
Sister Marie Hubert Kealy, IHM, Ph.D. mkealy@immaculata.edu 3720 English/Communication
Sister Donna Marie Kelley, IHM, Psy.D. dkelley@immaculata.edu 3701 Psychology - Graduate
Denise C. Kerr, Ed.D. dkerr1@immaculata.edu 3313 Education
Melanie Kisthardt, Ph.D. mkisthardt@immaculata.edu 3165 English/Communication
James F. Konieczny, M.S. Sociology/Criminology/Social Work
Dawn K. Kriebel, Ph.D. dkriebel@immaculata.edu 3292 Psychology - Undergraduate
Margaret D. Lacey, Ph.D., R.N., A.O.C.N. mlacey@immaculata.edu 3475 Nursing
Kathleen B. Lawler, ED.D., R.N., C.R.N.P. klawler@immaculata.edu 3300 Nursing
Kathryn Lysko, Ph.D. klysko@immaculata.edu 3304 Chemistry
Patricia Madeira, Ph.D. pmadeira@immaculata.edu 3688 Education
Francis Martin, Ph.D. fmartin@immaculata.edu 3272 Biology
David Martinson, Ph.D. dmartinson@immaculata.edu 3518 Psychology - Graduate
Sister Peggy McDonald, IHM, S.T.L., S.T.D. mmcdonald@immaculata.edu 3010 Theology
Sister Marcille McEntee, IHM, M.A. mmcentee@immaculata.edu 3022 English/Communication
Sharon A. McGrath, Ph.D. smcgrath1@immaculata.edu 3687 Education
Marie C. McGrath, Ph.D. mmcgrath@immaculata.edu 3437 Psychology - Graduate
Stephen Miles, Ph.D. smiles@immaculata.edu 3669 Theology
Sister Denise Mollica, IHM, M.S., C.F.C.S. DMollica@immaculata.edu 3761 Fashion - Family and Consumer Sciences
James Mooney, M.A. jmooney@immaculata.edu 3480 English/Communication
James K. Murray, Jr., Ph.D. jmurray@immaculata.edu 3307 Chemistry
Kathleen Nolan, Ph.D. knolan@immaculata.edu 3283 Education
Sister Jeannine M. O'Kane, IHM, Ph.D. jokane@immaculata.edu 3021 Psychology - Graduate
Tracy Oliver, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N. toliver@immaculata.edu 3764 Nutrition and Dietetics
Kelly Orlando, Ph.D. korlando1@immaculata.edu 3279 Biology
Sister Judith Parsons, IHM, Ph.D. jparsons@immaculata.edu 3301 Philosophy
Sister Annette Pelletier, IHM, Ph.D. apelletier1@immaculata.edu 3252 Theology
Marisa Pereyra, Ph.D. mpereyra@immaculata.edu 3454 Global Languages and Cultures
Carl R. Pratt, Jr., Ph.D. cpratt@immaculata.edu 3276 Biology
Joseph W. T. Pugh, M.B.A., D.M. jpugh@immaculata.edu 3461 Business and Accounting
Rena K. Quinton, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N. rquinton@immaculata.edu 3444 Nutrition and Dietetics
Eileen Raffaele, M.B.A., C.P.A. eraffaele@immaculata.edu 3493 Business and Accounting
Bascom Raulerson III, Ph.D. braulerson@immaculata.edu 3291 Psychology - Undergraduate
Janice Reilley, Ed.D. jreilley@immaculata.edu 3677 Nursing
Robert Rimkis, DHSc, DC rrimkis@immaculata.edu 3312 Health Science and Services
Peter Rondinaro, Ph.D. prondinaro@immaculata.edu 3293 Psychology - Undergraduate
Sister Alice Schaebler, IHM, M.S.L.S. aschaebler@immaculata.edu 3838 Library
Margaret (Peggy) Schooling, Ed.D. mschooling@immaculata.edu 3658 Education
Debra Shadle, M.B.A., L.D.N. dshadle@immaculata.edu 3495 Nutrition and Dietetics
Jean Shingle, Ph.D. jshingle@immaculata.edu 3277 Biology
Sister Monica Sicilia, IHM, M.A., M.S. msicilia@immaculata.edu 3253 Math/Information & Digital Systems
Kelly Stalker, Ed.D., A.T.C. kstalker@immaculata.edu 3157 Human Movement Sciences
Charles (Bud) Stefanski, Ed.D. cstefanski@immaculata.edu 3835 Education
Tracy Stinchfield, Ed.D. tstinchfield@immaculata.edu 3517 Psychology - Graduate
Harris S. Tahir, D.B.A. htahir@immaculata.edu 3499 Business and Accounting
Sam Talucci, D.Man., PCC stalucci@mail.immaculata.edu Organization Leadership
Jane Hsiao-Chen Tang, Ph.D. jtang@immaculata.edu 3309 Nursing
Stephanie Theodorou, Ph.D. stheodorou@immaculata.edu 3485 Philosophy
Patricia Thibault, M.S., R.D., L.D.N. pthibault@immaculata.edu 3762 Nutrition and Dietetics
Karen Thompson, R.N., M.S.N. kthompson@immaculata.edu 3456 Nursing
Sarah L. Trembanis, Ph.D. strembanis@immaculata.edu 3455 History/Political Science/International Relations
Stephanie Trinkl, R.N., D.N.Sc. strinkl@immaculata.edu 3457 Nursing
Margaret van Naerssen., Ph.D. mvannaerssen@immaculata.edu 3282 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
Catrina Vitagliano, Psy.D. cvitagliano@immaculata.edu 3703 Psychology - Graduate
William E. Watson., Ph.D. wwatson@immaculata.edu 3491 History/Political Science/International Relations
Judy Witt, Ph.D. jwitt@immaculata.edu 3896 Higher Education
Jed Yalof, Psy.D., A.B.P.P. jyalof@immaculata.edu 3503 Psychology - Graduate
Jiangyue (Luna) Zhang. Ph.D. jzhang@immaculata.edu 3305 Chemistry

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