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Welcome to Creative IT at Immaculata University

Welcome to Immaculata University’s Department of Mathematics – Computing Sciences – Physics. We are pleased to share our “creative introductory programming” course results with you.

Note to Students:

Come view our “Student Animations” … Rate the animations … Share your thoughts … and ENJOY!

Note to Teachers:

The Mathematics – Computing Sciences – Physics Department (M.E. Jones, Ph.D.) and the English Department (Melanie Kisthardt, Ph.D) teach an introductory programming course using a non-traditional approach. Our primary goal is engaging student participation in the software development process by aligning the process to the creative writing process.

Students learn in pairs – a “techie” student is paired with a creative student. Their task is creating a story and then animating that story using the Alice Programming System. ALL programming concepts are introduced and aligned to a creative activity … Come see what we’re doing in the “Teaching Resources” section …