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Personal financePersonal Finance For Freshman Year and Beyond

Faculty and students in Immaculata's Business and Accounting Department realize how incredibly important it is to understand basic personal finance after graduating from high school.

Immaculata University students have compiled information in six key categories pivotal for success: 

  • Budgeting
  • Debt
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Savings
  • Time Value of Money 



Budgeting is a simple but extremely effective personal finance tool. Below is a current Immaculata student’s monthly budget and some helpful tips to keep yourself out of the red.

Immaculata Student Budget

7 Budgeting Tips for College Students



Typically, debt has negative connotations, but in some ways debt is a good thing. Below is an important link that review the pros and cons of debt.

10 Questions to Ask Your Student Loan Servicer


Student Loans

With the annual price of tuition continuously growing to record highs, student loans are becoming more and more a necessary evil. Below are some informational links about student loans and how long it takes to pay them off.

Financial Aid

How America Pays For College


Credit Cards

Credit cards are a double-edged sword. Below are links that discuss current college students’ credit card statistics and a calculator that shows how long and how much interest you would pay before paying off credit card debt:

How Undergraduate Students Use Credit Cards 

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Annual Credit Report



The common perception is that college students are broke, but with effective spending and proper budgeting, college students are very capable of saving money. Below is a thought-provoking link on savings.

Savings Calculator


Time Value of Money

Understanding the time value of money is crucial for investments. Below is a link that will help you understand the time value of money. 

Savings Calculator

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