About the LifeLong Learning Institute

The LifeLong Learning Institute at Immaculata University (LLI at IU) is a membership-based educational opportunity for adults aged 50+ who want to continue their learning and spend time with like-minded people. LLI at IU is a chance to learn about non-traditional topics without the pressure of homework, tests, and timelines. You can explore areas such as silver yoga, current events, painting, and more!

Through a modestly priced membership, LLI at IU members have access to daily classes along with seasonal events that include social gatherings, special interest groups, travel opportunities, and community volunteering.

No specific background is required to join, just an interest in learning new things, a desire to participate with your peers, and an open mind.

Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday during the daytime.

Membership Fees:

  • Semester membership: $185
  • Annual membership: $350

Semester Schedule:

  • Fall 2016: September 12 - November 18
  • Spring 2017: February 13 - May 8
  • Summer 2017: May 30 - June 30 (subject to change)

Topics Include:



Current Events



Personal Finance


Skills & Activities


& More...

Instructors Needed!

LLI at IU is always interested in bringing new instructors and curriculum into the program. All of the courses offered are peer taught, which means if you are passionate about a hobby or interest, you are welcome to teach with us! No formal experience in teaching or background in education is required.

Please complete the Instructor Proposal form, and you will be contacted prior to the start of the next semester.

Questions about teaching with us? Contact the assistant director, Amanda Atkins, at aatkins@immaculata.edu or 484-323-3236.

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