Immaculata's College of LifeLong Learning FAQs

Questions about the College of LifeLong LearningDo I need prior college credits to enroll?

No. We understand and appreciate that, for some of our students, this may be their first experience taking college level courses. If you haven’t yet earned any college credits, we require an official high school transcript and/or GED certification.

What kind of transfer credits do you accept?

If you have earned a C or better in your classes, Immaculata accepts transfer credits from both regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities. We also accept credits from military transcripts.

Can I count any of my professional and work experience toward my degree?

Workplace training courses may be considered for credit. Credits are determined by the number of hours of training: 30 hours of training = 1 credit. Students complete a Technical and Professional Training Worksheet and provide all required documentation which is then reviewed by faculty members for credit recommendation. 

If you wish to document a learning experience which you believe provides equivalent knowledge to that in a college course, you may write a life learning paper for faculty review. 

Do you offer courses that will accommodate my busy schedule? 

Immaculata students enjoy flexible scheduling options that include day, evening, weekend and online courses.  Accelerated courses are also available in many areas. 

How long will it take to complete my degree? 

The length of your program depends on your availability each semester, as well as the scheduling of course offerings. Our flexible scheduling options enable students to pursue courses year-round, if they desire.  

Can international students pursue a degree at your school?

Yes! We encourage international students to apply to study at Immaculata. Please view the admissions requirements for international students.   

When and how do I register? How do I know what classes to take?

Registration for the fall term generally begins in April. Registration for spring begins in November and registration for summer begins in March.

An orientation session is scheduled prior to the start of classes each fall and spring semester to assist new CLL students in their transition to campus. 

We recommend that all new students meet with an academic advisor to register for their first classes. View the list of academic advisors.

At your initial meeting with an academic advisor, you will receive a course sequence sheet that you can follow to determine which classes you need to take. You can also contact an academic advisor at any time to determine which classes to take.

If you are a current student, please view the registration schedule outlined by the Registrar’s Office each term. It is posted on the Catalogs and Course Schedules page, prior to the start of the registration period. You can register online by logging on to MyIU and clicking on SSIU (Self-Service IU), or you can register in person with your academic advisor. 

Can I register for just one or two classes at Immaculata?

Yes! We welcome visiting/non-matriculating students at Immaculata. You can take a course for personal or professional enrichment, or to fulfill a course requirement for another college. You may also be a high school student seeking to earn college credits. 

To register as a non-matriculating student, you will need to fill out the application/registration form for the term in which you are interested in taking classes. This form can be found on the Catalogs and Course Schedules page under the College of LifeLong Learning heading.   

If you have any questions about a course or its transferability to another university, please contact the CLL office at or 484-323-3238 and your question will be directed to the appropriate advisor.

Do I need to meet with an advisor?

We recommend that all new students meet with an academic advisor initially to review their degree program requirements. After the initial meeting, students are not required to meet with an academic advisor, but we encourage all students to check in with their advisors periodically, via email, phone or in person meetings, to assess their progress toward their degree.

How do I confirm that I’m on track for graduation?

Throughout your program, you may contact your academic advisor to review your academic progress. Be sure to submit a Graduation Diploma Card in your second-to-last semester in the program. This will prompt a graduation degree audit and will generate mailings related to graduation. Regular communication with an academic advisor throughout the program will ensure that you remain on track for graduation.

How do I register for a class that I need to repeat?

In order to repeat a course, your advisor will need to submit the registration request with an override attached. Online registration is not available to you if you want to repeat a course.

What is your drop/withdrawal policy?

Please read the policy and be sure to communicate with your academic advisor if you need to drop or withdraw from a course.

Do I need to complete all of my liberal arts core courses before I take my major courses?

No. In a typical semester, you may be enrolled in core, major, or elective courses that move you through your program while meeting your scheduling needs.

I need a course for graduation that you are not offering.  What do I do?

Seek input from your academic advisor regarding graduation requirements. If you need a course for graduation that is not currently being offered at Immaculata, you may pursue the availability of an equivalent course at another accredited institution.

Prior to registering for the course, you should submit an Authorization for Transfer of Credit Request to the Assistant Dean of the College of LifeLong Learning for permission to transfer the credits to Immaculata University when the course is completed. A grade of C or better must be achieved in order for the credits to transfer to Immaculata.

What kind of support and tutoring services do you offer students?

You can contact your academic advisor for general academic advice. Immaculata also encourages students to use the Math Center, Writing Center, Academic Success Center, Office of Career and Professional Development and Student Health and Counseling Services.

How do I decide on a major that’s right for me?

Typically, students will choose a major based upon their chosen career path. Students may also begin a degree program as an “Undecided” major until a major is determined. The University catalog offers program requirements and course descriptions and is a valuable resource for students who are deciding on their focus of interest. Additionally, our Office of Career and Professional Development offers resources to recommend programs to achieve personal and career goals.

How can I change my major or concentration? 

Students may change their major or declare a minor concentration by completing a Change of Major form with their advisor. 

May I declare a minor?

Students have the option of completing minor concentrations outside the major field. A minor is a focused program of study consisting of 18-22 credits designated by the department offering the program. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students who pursue a minimum of six credits in a semester are eligible to apply for federal financial aid to help finance their education. Aid may be in the form of grants or loans. You first apply for financial aid by completing your FAFSA online at

Your employer may offer tuition assistance, and you may also pursue scholarships from professional and community resources. 

Please review CLL’s complete instructions for applying for aid. You must complete the Institutional Aid Application online to let the Financial Aid Office know your educational plans and any loan amounts requested. You must respond quickly to any requests from the Financial Aid Office, such as tax information. You will also be assigned a financial aid counselor.

Where can I find my student account information, schedule or grades?

You can find your grades and course schedules, pay bills online and register for classes on SSIU. You can access SSIU through the MyIU portal by logging in and and clicking on the SSIU icon.

You will not receive a confirmation of registration for classes, but you may confirm your schedule by viewing it on SSIU.