Summary of the Jeanne Clery Act

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The Jeanne Clery Act is a federal law that requires college and universities to disclose certain timely and annual information about campus crime and security policies.

An Annual Report must be published disclosing campus security policies and three years worth of selected crime statistics. The report is available automatically to all current students and employees while prospective students and employees are to be notified of its existence and afforded an opportunity to request a copy.

Crime statistics for the campus encompass three years of selected crimes. The statistics are gathered from campus police or security, local law enforcement, and other school officials who have ‘significant responsibility for student and campus activities’, such as student judicial affairs directors. Crimes are reported in the following seven major categories;  1. Criminal homicide  2. Sex offenses  3. Robbery 4. Aggravated Assault  5.Burglary  6. Motor vehicle theft and  7.Arson. Also required is the reporting of three types of incidents if the result in either an arrest  or disciplinary referral: 1. Liquor law violations 2. Drug law violations and 3. Illegal Weapons Possession. The statistics are broken down geographically into ‘on campus’, ‘residential facilities on campus’, ‘non campus’ or ‘on public property’. The report must also indicate if any of the reported incidents, or any other crime involving bodily injury, was a ‘hate crime’.

A timely warning is required to the campus community about crimes that pose an ongoing threat to students or employees.

A public crime log is required , documenting crimes reported to campus police or security department. It covers all crimes not just those required in the annual report. The log is required to include the ‘nature, date, time and general location of each crime’ as well as it disposition if known. The log is available during normal business hours and report of the incident must be available within two business days of a request.

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