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Immaculata University houses approximately 345 students, faculty/administration and occasional guests. Four residence halls, one faculty house, and several apartments comprise resident facilities. All rooms are either double or single occupancy. There are currently no accommodations for married students.


Responsibility for the security and safety of the residence halls is shared by the Department of Safety & Protection, Residence Life and most importantly, the residents themselves. Everyone must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions. Room doors should be locked at night and when the room is unoccupied. Valuable items such as stereos, cameras, televisions, and DVDs should be marked with engraving instruments provided by the Campus Safety & Protection Department. Everyone should report to Campus Safety any unusual incidents and suspicious looking individuals whom they feel do not belong in their residence halls or on campus.


The University reserves the right to reassign students to initiate room change requests. Access to student housing facilities is limited to those with authorization. The facilities' entrances are access controlled and the rooms are accessible only to those residents who possess keys. When students are entertaining visitors, it is the responsibility of the resident to go to the front door of the residence hall to greet and provide access for guests.


Apartment/Residence Hall Security Tips

  • When leaving your residence hall room or apartment, whether it be to visit a next door neighbor or to use the restroom, always lock the door and take the key.
  • Avoid keeping high value items and large amounts of cash in your residence. For valuable items you do keep on hand, keep them out of sight and well hidden. The same procedure applies to your checkbook and your unused check supply.
  • Don't let strangers in the building or allow them to "tailgate" or follow you through after you open the door.

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