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Student Clubs and Organizations

There are over 40 clubs and organizations that you can get involved with at Immaculata University, in these categories: 

Below you will find a brief description of each club. For more information, or to find out how to get involved, contact the advisor.



Business Club Elizabeth Faunce The IU Business Club provides an opportunity for students of any major to get involved in a variety of professional development and business-oriented engagements.
Family & Consumer Sciences Sister Denise Mollica Using reason and creativity, this club aims to manage the challenges across the lifespan of living and working in a global society.
IU Pre-Med Jean Shingle Educate and enlighten students with interests in pre-health professions while providing training and education to help them pursue a career in the medical field.
Music Therapy Club Lillian Eyre Providing all students with a better understanding of the Music Therapy profession.
Nurses Association Sister Paula Jameson This club works to bring the student body together by helping others through the field of nursing.
PCMEA (PA Collegiate Music Educators Association) Sister Kathleen Doutt Promoting the development of Music Education majors and engaging the IU community through outreach and advocacy campaigns.
Student Dietetic Association Cecile Adkins Committed to promoting professionalism among members through educational and social opportunities




Jessica Gilpert

An organization to educate the Immaculata family and outside community about the warning signs of teen suicide and depression through messages of hope and faith.  The organization is dedicated to furthering the national non-profit's mission and aims as defined by Executive Director Joe Vulopas and
Environmental Club Joseph Healey This club is dedicated to using accurate information to inform and engage the university in all environmental causes.
I2U Peer Educators Elise Girard A group of students passionate about educating the community about various social, mental health and physical health issues.
Spectrum Sister Cathy Nally Promote and assist in the education of the student body about the LGBT population. The organization shall train interested parties on how to be a resource to the student body and support persons of this population. This shall be done through community events and regular informational meetings.



Double S Joseph Healey The purpose of Double S is to learn, teach, and explore the art of dance here at Immaculata University.
In Unison Owen Logue To provide students with an opportunity to express themselves through acapella music, to teach them to sing and to work together as a group, and to entertain IU students and faculty.
IU Chorale Jonathan Kreamer Helps members develop singing technique and provides performance opportunities in the local community.
IU Dance Company Barbara Gallagher For amateurs and professionals alike, the dance company is a great way to have fun and burn calories while dancing traditional dances.



African American Cultural Society Joseph Healey A club dedicated to promoting diversity, educating people, and uniting people of all races for the common good of the community.
Latin Flavor Marisa Pereya  


Greek Organizations

Alpha Xi Dara Himes A social sorority for female students, one of our local Greek organizations.
Delta Kappa Nu   A club to uphold the core values and mission statement of Immaculata University while embracing diversity, sisterhood, and service.  We are committed to inspiring community service, embracing different cultures, races, religions, and sexualities, unfurling the potential of our fellow sisters, and advocating for all mankind.
Delta Pi Owen Logue A social fraternity for male students, one of our local Greek organizations.
Eta Phi Tau  

A social sorority for female students, one of our local Greek organizations.

Iota Gamma Xi Kelly Orlando A social sorority with the purpose to unite women from all different backgrounds in strength, education, and empowerment.
Omicron Pi Epsilon Carol Hirko A social sorority for female students, one of our local Greek organizations.
Tau Phi Joseph Healey A social sorority for female students, one of our local Greek organizations.


Honor Societies

IU Honor Society Benita Regusters Founded in 1959 for the purpose of promoting intellectual and cultural enthusiasm, accomplishment among its members, and contributions to the intellectual and cultural excellence of the entire community. A student of the College of Undergraduate Studies who has achieved Dean's List rating for any three semesters is eligible for membership.
Kappa Omicron Nu Sister Denise Mollica & Patricia Thibault An honor society that empowers leaders in family and consumer sciences, fashion merchandising, and nutrition.
Lambda Pi Eta   An honor society that provides numerous communications and public relations opportunities for its members.
National Society of Leadership & Success Jennifer Hagenbuch  
Psi Chi Bascom Raulerson A national, professional honor society for psychology students.
Sigma Zeta James K. Murray A national honor society to recognize the academic achievements of science and math majors.


Media & Communications

The Immaculatan Sean Flannery The student-run newspaper, which consists of six sections that contain campus, community, national, and world news.
Pilgrimages Rita Colanzi This club works to promote literary excellence and to showcase student writing to the IU community.


Professional Development

Athletic Training Students Organization Kelly Stalker An organization to provide students interested in athletic training and sports medicine the opportunity to meet in informal and formal academic and professional settings.
ALFPA Marisa Pereya Promoting professional growth and developmental opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds.
American Sign Language Club Andrea Hunt Dedicated to teaching American Sign Language and spreading awareness of the deaf community.
Enactus Charlene Fitzwater An international organization that pairs college students with corporate sponsors.  These corporate sponsors enable participating colleges to compete in regional, national, and global competitions.
Fashion Group Lina Castro An organization dedicated to developing and promoting fashion industry professionals by attending fashion shows, fashion events, hosting guest speakers and performing community service.
Mac Scientists Jean Shingle Educating, involving and assembling students who share a common interest in Biology and Chemistry.



Gamers Guild Sean Flannery The guild provides a community of people who enjoy video/computer games, anime, fantasy, sci-fi, and other such activities.
Swim Club Kelly Stalker
The IU Swim Club is dedicated to promoting physical fitness and teamwork through the sport of swimming.
The Happy Hoopers   Educating students on the importance of wellness and balance through stretching, hula hooping and yoga.


SGA Councils

See more information about our SGA Councils here.



Upper Echelon Heidi Harrison Fostering professionalism, positivity, and leadership development through friendship and good fellowship.


Spiritual & Religious

Catholic Athletes for Christ Jessica Morrell A club that brings athletics and the gospel together.


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