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Please see the list of awards below to nominate a student or staff member.

Please email forms to Christopher Lawless ( or send them to Chris in Student Development, Terrace DeChantal by Friday, March 21st.


RA/CA/PA Staff Member of the Year

Description: Paraprofessional resident assistant, commuter assistant, or programming assistant staff member who has gone above and beyond job requirements for students, the community and the University.

Click here to access the nomination form for RACAPA Staff Member of the Year.


Club/Organization of the Year

Criteria of the Award: The Club/Organization of the Year has demonstrated a commitment to Immaculata's core values and mission through service, development of the University, and involvement of new and current group members while serving the community as a whole.

Click here to access the nomination form for Club/Organization of the Year.


Club/Organization Advisor of the Year

Criteria of the Award: The advisor provided support and guidance through the entire academic year and advanced the development of the organization and student members.

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Rising Student Leader

Description: A rising student leader is a student who does not need a title in order to fill a leadership role. This student has shown throughout the year a new-found commitment to serve the Immaculata community side by side with the elected student leaders and administration of the campus. This student can be found helping to complete any task needed while helping to model the core values and mission of the University.  The student shows promise in continuing to exemplify growth and development as a leader.

Click here to access the nomination form for the Rising Student Leader Award.


Engaged Leadership Award

Description: The Engaged Leadership Award is for student leaders who have surpassed the status of rising student leader and have engaged themselves in a significant leadership role on campus early in their career. The Engaged Leadership Award includes those students who have come to Immaculata University with leadership experience or have developed leadership skills through the many opportunities the campus offers. Through their involvement, recipients of the Engaged Leadership Award have shown ambitions to improve campus life and strengthen the IU community, with the anticipation that they will continue to be involved and active on campus through leadership positions.

Click here to access the nomination form for the Engaged Leadership Award.


Community Service Initiative of the Year

Description: Through this award, the University sponsors or recognizes a student or club/organization initiative that provides service to an external organization and makes a positive impact on the student, club/organization and recipients.

Click here to access the nomination form for the Community Service Initiative of the Year.


Mission and Vision Awards

Description: This award is given to a student who exemplifies the University's core values (faith, caring, service, integrity, learning, teamwork) in and outside of the classroom.

Click here to access the nomination form for the Mission and Vision Awards.


Senior Leadership Awards

Description: Senior Leadership Awards are a limited number of awards given to senior students who have made significant contributions during their time at the University.

Click here to access the nomination form for the Senior Leadership Awards.


Monsignor Harnett Medal

Description: Catholic Relief Services began when the U.S. Catholic community wanted to face a world in need. This organization seeks to eliminate social injustice, economic deprivation, disease and ignorance in the underdeveloped countries of the world. It is the nation's largest private voluntary overseas aid agency.

For more than forty years, Msgr. Joseph Harnett, a priest of the archdiocese of Philadelphia, worked within this agency and served as regional director. Msgr. Harnett traveled the world bringing help to the poorest of the poor. He has been honored by many nations for his relief work. Msgr. Harnett received the bronze medal from the French government, the gold medal of the Republic of Vietnam and the Order of the Golden Heart of the Philippines. Msgr. Harnett retired to Immaculata College in 1987 where he acted as chaplain. Even here, this gentle, sensitive man could anticipate human needs. He seemed to read minds and situations. To each person he revealed the beauty of a life of service and the compassion of Christ.

Students at Immaculata University have caught the fire that was a part of Msgr. Harnett's spirit. Immaculata students are mobilizing to contend with the various social and political problems that afflict the people of the world. In memory of Monsignor Harnett, a medal is presented to the senior who has demonstrated his or her concern for social justice through involvement in volunteer service to the poor and needy.

Click here to access the nomination form for the Monsignor Harnett Medal.


Legacy of 1920 Award: Immaculata Student Leadership Award

Description of Award: The student given this award is an example of what is described in the University Student Code of Conduct Statement:

  • Seeks excellence in the classroom, on the playing field, and in positions of leadership and service across our campus
  • Works together with faculty to create an environment conducive to teaching and learning
  • Treats others with compassion, with dignity, and with civility
  • Avoids bigotry, racism, and sexism and learns from others through the diversity brought to Immaculata
  • Honest and just in all that he or she does, and recognizes we can never be greater than the integrity of our words and deeds
  • Acts responsibly, both on campus and off
  • Governing his or her actions not only by personal needs and desires but also by a concern for the welfare of others, for the general good of humankind, and for the environment upon which we mutually depend
  • Recognizes that communities cannot exist without values and codes of conduct
  • Leaves Immaculata better than he or she found it, leaving a legacy for all those that follow

Click here to access the nomination form for the Legacy of 1920 Award: Immaculata Student Leadership Award.

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