Tutorials, Videos, and Guides

Below is a list of numerous automated tutorials, videos, and pdf guides designed to provide you with quick access to information on a variety of career-related topics.




First-Year Student's Guide to Career Development (tutorial) - Learn all about the importance of utilizing the Office of Career Development as a first-year student.

Focus2: Online Career Exploration System (tutorial) - FOCUS-Focus 2 is an online, self-guided program that will help you explore and make decisions about your career goals and your major areas of study.  To view this tutorial and obtain the Access Code required to create your account in Focus, you will need to log in to MyIU and go to the Career Development channel on the Campus Life tab.     


How to Write a Cover Letter (tutorial) - Drafting a cover letter is an integral part of your resume and an experiential search process.  This tutorial will provide you with an explanation of why a cover letter is so important, as well as walk you through a step-by-step process of writing your cover letter.   


Writing a Resume 101 (tutorial) - Creating a resume is a key step in the career development and experiential search process.  This tutorial will provide you with an explanation of why a resume is so important, as well as walk you through a step-by-step process of preparing your resume.


Writing a Resume - For Education Majors (tutorial) - If you are an education major, your resume will look slightly different from resumes for other fields. An education major's resume has a few extra components as well as a different emphasis on previous experiences. This tutorial will provide you with an explanation of why a resume is so important, as well as walk you through a step-by-step process of preparing your resume.

An Education Major's Guide to Success (PDF) - This comprehensive guide is an excellent source for education majors who are in the job search process. It contains resources for resumes, interviewing tips, portfolio pointers and more! This guide is intended to make the job search process for education majors easier and more manageable.


Finding an Internship (tutorial) - Experience is one of the top things that employers consider when interviewing candidates. This tutorial will provide you with an overview of what an internship is, the benefits of obtaining one, types of internships, and how to go about searching for this type of experience. 


Interviewing Skills Guide (PDF)

Preparing for an Interview (tutorial) - An interview is a professional business meeting used to determine how the candidate's skills, experience, and personality will fit the needs of the organization.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your value to your potential employer. This tutorial will provide you with some tips and strategies to help you prepare for your interview and to help you set yourself apart from other candidates.   

Dress to Impress: Appropriate Attire for an Interview (tutorial) - The first interview is key, and you don't have time to prove that you are the go-to person to trust. You need shortcuts that help convey the message "I am a professional," and appropriate attire is one way of getting that message across. This tutorial will help you to know how to dress properly for an interview and discuss some potential hindrances and mistakes to avoid.   


Career Fair Guide (PDF)

Career Fair Preparation (tutorial - Going to a career fair is a great way to meet employers, network, and find a new internship or job opportunity. This video illustrates the do’s and don’ts of attending a career fair. You will see two students: one who is prepared, and one who is not. This demonstrates how and how not to conduct yourself while attending a job or internship fair. It also provides tips and strategies on how to prepare for this type of event so that you can make the most efficient use of your time. 


Informational Interviewing (tutorial) - Networking is one of the main ways in which individuals learn about an industry, direct their career, and possibly even find a job. Informational interviewing is one of the most fruitful and beneficial ways of gathering information to help you accomplish those very things. An informational interview is not about asking for a job – it is about you gaining information and researching potential new contacts and companies you may be interested in – information you can then use in a variety of ways.

Networking (tutorial) - Want to find out more about your field of interest? Network. Looking for an internship? Network. Looking to get ahead? Network. Looking for a job? Network. Want to guide your career development? Network. It’s the big buzzword. This tutorial will provide you with some information about this often misunderstood concept and why it is such an important skill to become comfortable with.


Dressing Business Casual (tutorial) - The line between what is professional and what is not in relation to work attire is somewhat vague.  What one may typically wear in everyday life does not always translate properly to the work place. Many businesses permit their employees to dress in what they call “business casual” attire, and some work places allow their employees to dress differently on “casual Fridays.” It’s time to put away the tattered jeans and flip-flops, because this tutorial will help you decipher whether or not your wardrobe meets the standards of these different categories of workplace dress.  


Grad School Preparation Guide (PDF)

Graduate School (tutorial) - Making the decision about whether or not to go to graduate school may be one of the most important decisions that you make. You will dedicate a lot of time, effort, and money, so you want to go in with your eyes wide open – researching all your options, your motivation, and what you want to accomplish by going to graduate school. You want to make a well-informed decision. This tutorial will provide you with an overview of things to consider as you move through this decision-making process.


International Student Career Handbook (PDF) - While cultures, customs, and employment processes might be somewhat different in the United States than they are in your home country, the career development, career decision-making and job search skills needed are basically the same. This guide is intended to assist international students with some of these processes and to help them understand how they may be different here in the United States.


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