About Us

Our office provides a wide range of services to assist you in career planning and professional development. Counselors provide clients with short-term, solution-focused counseling and guidance services as they pertain to career-related goals and outcomes. Psychological counseling is not provided by the career counseling staff. Our services are available to all currently enrolled degree-seeking students and alumni.

Our staff can help you to:*

  • Clarify your career/major goals
  • Explore career and/or majors that might be a good fit for you
  • Assess skills, abilities, interests, strengths, personality and set goals
  • Locate career information
  • Learn to write effective resumes and cover letters
  • Learn job search techniques and resources
  • Develop interview skills

*This does not represent an exhaustive list of services available.

Our Staff

Kathleen McCauley M.A., GCDF
Heidi Harrison B.A. 
Assistant Director, Employer Relations


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