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Expectations of Individual Appointments:


Walk-In Hours

Mission & Career Decision-Making Process

Career/Major Appointment expectations

Nature of Services

Resume/Cover Letter Appointment expectations


Internship Search Appointment expectations

What to expect from your Counselor

Job Search Appointment expectations

Scheduling an Appointment

Interview Skills Appointment expectations

Cancellation & No Show



The below information is to inform you about our services and can be used as a reference guide throughout your counseling experience. Career Counseling is a shared endeavor with responsibility resting on both the counselor and the client. In order to enable you and your counselor to work most effectively together we ask that you carefully read the information below. If you have any questions, your counselor will be happy to discuss them with you.

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Mission & Career Decision-Making Process

The Office of Career Development encourages and supports all students and alumni as they proactively engage in the career development process and chart their path toward life-long career achievement. Career Development provides vocational guidance, education, and personal support. To carry out this mission, the office provides:

  • Resources on self-awareness, career exploration, career decision-making, and implementation of a career plan
  • Assistance in developing the personal skills necessary to explore career-related goals and career satisfaction, and successfully navigate career transitions
  • Information on employers to provide job, internship, externship, volunteering, service, and networking opportunities.



Nature of Services*

Career planning can be an overwhelming process, complicated by many factors including self-perceptions, others’ expectations, and the economy. Counselors provide clients with short-term, solution-focused counseling and guidance services as they pertain to the student’s attainment of career-related goals and outcomes. Psychological counseling is not provided by the career counseling staff. Our services are available to all currently enrolled degree seeking students and alumni. Career Counselors are available for 50 minute appointments (no fee) where they will assist you:

  • Clarify your career/major goals
  • Explore career and/or majors that might be a good fit for you
  • Choose a career direction
  • Assess skills, abilities, interests, strengths, personality and set goals
  • Locate career information
  • Learn to write effective resumes and cover letters
  • Learn job search techniques and resources
  • Develop interview skills
  • Expose obstacles which might hinder your career choices

*This does not represent an exhaustive list of services available or provided

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Communications between client and counselor are confidential and will not be revealed unless required by law to protect clients or identified others from serious and foreseeable harm such as in situations of abuse or threats of physical harm to self or others. 

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What to Expect From Your Career Counselor

Career counselors are trained to listen to you, help you formulate goals based on your needs, and assist you in finding the best resources to meet those needs. Formal assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, may be used to help you determine a realistic action plan to meet your goals. 

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Scheduling an Appointment

Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Appointments are made at least one (1) week in advance. To schedule an appointment please call 484-323-3506 or e-mail careerdevelopment@immaculata.edu. Career Development services are provided in person and by appointment. Appointments are typically 50 minutes per session. Our receptionist will assist in determining who on staff will best meet your career needs. Be prepared to answer a few questions and to give your name, email address, phone number, major/program of study, year in school and reason for the appointment, as well as fully complete the required intake documents.

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Cancellations and Not Showing-Up for an Appointment

A personal commitment is crucial to the success of counseling. A missed appointment hinders your progress and limits service availability to other students. Please contact the office if you must cancel or will be late for a session. If you are more than fifteen (15) minutes late for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule. If you need to cancel, do so as far in advance as possible, preferably at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment

If you find that you can’t keep your appointment, please notify us by calling 484-323-3506 so that we may free up the time for another student. If you are a no show for your appointment, keep the following policy in mind:

  • After 1 no-show, you must send a letter of apology to the affected counselor.
  • After 2 no-shows*, you will NOTbe able to make another appointment during this academic year

*A no-show is considered anything more than the 15-minute grace period previously mentioned above, unless you call to alert us that you will be late. At the time of the call, the counselor will determine if the appointment will need to be rescheduled (which will not be considered a no-show).

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Walk-in Appointments

Walk-in appointments are 15-minute sessions available on a first-come first-served basis, for the purpose of resume reviews, brief questions, or acquiring general information about career development services.  If more time is required, an official appointment will need to be scheduled.


What to expect from your:

·         Career/major counseling appointment:

  • Be ready to discuss your current major/career status and your thoughts/feelings about that status.
  • Come prepared to discuss your interests and goals for the future.
  • It may be decided that an assessment will be helpful for you. If an assessment is involved, the counselor will explain the process.
  • The counselor will NOT tell you what job/major is best for you, but will give you more information to help you decide on your own.
  • The career counselor is NOT your academic advisor and will not assist with course selection.
  • The counselor may suggest follow-up appointments if needed.

·         Resume / Cover Letter appointment:

  • Bring a copy of your resume and cover letter. If you do not bring copies with you, your appointment may be rescheduled.
  • If possible, know the specific position you are applying for and what skills that position requires.
  • If possible, bring a copy of the job or internship advertisement.
  • Notify the reviewer if the appointment is a class assignment.
  • The reviewer will write critiques directly on your resume and go over it with you.
  • If you are coming in for a follow-up review, but have not had an opportunity to make the previously discussed revisions, please notify your counselor and make arrangements to reschedule your appointment.
  • The counselor may suggest follow-up appointments if needed.

·         Internship Search appointment

  • Bring a copy of your resume.
  • If possible, know the specific internship you are applying for and what skills the position requires. Bring a copy of the internship advertisement.
  • If you do not have a specific internship in mind, be prepared to talk about your interests or goals so that the advisor can help you identify internship resources.
  • You will be asked about what steps you have already taken, as well as receive guidance regarding what steps to take next.
  • Be sure to meet with your department’s internship coordinator for information about internship credit and approved internship sites.
  • The Office of Career Development will assist you with becoming familiar with appropriate resources and processes in searching for an internship. The Office does NOT offer placement services, nor does it guarantee the acquisition of an internship experience.

·         Job Search appointment

  • If possible, bring a copy of your resume and/or cover letter.
  • Come prepared to discuss your interests and goals for the future.
  • Be ready to discuss your current employment status, any steps you have already taken to achieve your career goals, industries of interest to you, and geographic location of your job search.
  • The Office of Career Development will assist you with becoming familiar with appropriate resources and processes in searching for job opportunities. The Office does NOT offer placement services, nor does it guarantee the acquisition of a job opportunities  experience.

·         Interview Skills appointment

  • If possible, know what job you will be interviewing for and what skills the position requires.
  • If you do not have a particular job in mind, be prepared to indicate the type of job or internship you are seeking.
  • If possible, bring a copy of the job advertisement and your resume.
  • The counselor will review your online practice interview and ask you additional interview questions.
  • The counselor will provide feedback and offer suggestions.
  • If you do not wish to conduct a practice interview, you can use this time to go over basic interview strategies.

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Agreement to Services

Click here to to acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of counseling and disclosures stated.  If you have questions or concerns, please discuss these with your counselor. 

If you are not satisfied with the services provided, please ask to speak with the Director of Career Development at 484-323-3501.

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